Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Wow, yes this is really much more spectacularty situation my bro.
go on.
looking forward…


No sleep for you!
I think I’ll be standing on one side feeding him caffeine intravenously.


Squib man, you were asking me if I was quick…you’re still doing concept sketches?

You must be faster than me! heheheh


heh, thanks, Queenie, gonna need that :slight_smile:

hey anilduran, great to see you again, can’t believe it, I think I
totally missed your Master&Servant entry…crazy…

nice to have you in this challenge too!

sorry HamsterFly, maybe you’ll see the bugz again, but not in this
contest… i think i might try sumthin to spice up this concept though… :wink:

hah, yea ShortWave, in spirit of our good friend Tommy Wendtner,
we believe that two days is plenty enough time to make a fine pic :smiley:



flies playing hockey, man you have the best ideas all the time… :buttrock:


thanks my bro go on…


I sure hope so…I’ve got a lot of work to do. I wish I’d had more time, but I didn’t get a good idea till I flew to Italy last week, and read Lucifer’s Hammer on the plane…and then it just hit me between the eyes…and then that whole “future history” thing, and thinking about the new flap over potentially being able to stop that one asteroid that MIGHT hit us in 2038…got me thinking.

By the way, check out my color wip. lemme know what you think about the water problem.


hey there,
man that’s cool looking pic :thumbsup:
love the composition,
cheers :smiley:


Good that you’re up to something! :slight_smile: The composition looks nice, but I’m just not fan of ice-hockey… :wink:

Anyway, Keep it up! :smiley: :bounce:


I wait for your final Panu… :wip: hurry up


Sorry to be gone so long homie, just dropping by to see what is going on in here! The winning slap shot, develop it some more!:wip:


whaa? Blasphemy! :smiley:


another nice concept.me too not an ice hocky’s fan.ha.:smiley:
realy cool compos.keep it up.cheers.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


I don’t know much about ice hockey, but this looks great so far. It has a lot of energy, and it has captured the “on the edge of your seat” feel too which is great!

You don’t have much time left though. Good luck for finishing in time!


Hey man, when do we get to see an update? I wanna see where you are!! I’ve made all kinds of progress (check my WIPs), and I’m planning to be done tonight with hours to spare (hopefully).

Inquiring minds want to know man! hehehehe


:bounce: Hurry squibbit…time’s getting short…

So many great ideas…looking forward to seeing the final image :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


as said, with so little time, everything
went a little clumsy-like, my bad :stuck_out_tongue:






so there, nothing like a goalie outplayed
and the defenseman’s stick used as help
to get the puck to the net, eh?



big image too, i also got a couple closeups coming later on, but it’s all
pretty much there