Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


i hope nobody waylaid squibbit :sad::shrug:



not much time left tho, eh?

i do have a new concept … dunno if i got the time to paint it…



just try it, dude in case you have a concept. I also started very late and the impression grows that I will not make it right on time but it´s a great feeling to be under pressure. You don´t have to miss that feeling. Just start!

Don´t forget: Tommy Wendtner finished his gso entry from the scratch in just two days!




Do the fly thing in hi rez… Id vote for it…:bounce:

Go Squib GO!


C’mon Squibbitzz… get your brushes out and get wiff da programme, dooooode.

buff it up and post it, will ya??


Yeah GO! what you are waiting for?
no line drawing milestone yet?:twisted:




Spectacular concept man!!! but its freeeaaaky…i mean im trying to imagine that happening…a limbless chuwawa…hangin out with a buncha seals…that is strange man…


Go Squibb go… :bounce:



You’re great! ahahahaaa…for real, you always crack me up!

Great concept, I like the colors and the composition and of course the humor!!!

And all the other sketches, <3 Just amazing. :love:


get busy, bring it on! mooore Squibbedelism! moooore! go go go squibbit!:scream:


since i like ice hockey so very much,
i decided i’m gonna do a pic of a
spectacular, last minute, game-winning
goal in a hockey game for this

laters :slight_smile:



Yeah Squib is online!:thumbsup:

very good composition - give it a go!




Yup …i lke this one too … :thumbsup:


Great idea. Go for it!


Man, I love all of your concepts, but for me the most avande guard which provokes a gut reaction is the bugs contest.
I love the dog one too, which is very on topic, but it is a bit weird for a challenge, kinda Adams cartoon work.
This last ice hockey illustration ,has great composition, the stimung thing, but imho is more “ordinary” than the bug one.


Art imitating life imitating Art and so forth eh?

The late entry/goal …

Will it be a winning one?

(the tension is killing me)





Dont just stand there LoL-ing PAINT MAN paint!

heh While Im on a holliday!

mua hah ha ha ha…!


yea can’t much paint at work :stuck_out_tongue:

happy holidays, Serg :slight_smile:



Yeah this is cool painting style now :buttrock: ! but the bug one… dont leave it ! bug contest rules ! :beer: