Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Man this is great. I can’t stop laughing.

You ever considered publishing a book with your amazing sketches? I would definitely buy one.



nutty squibbit!


Excellent sketches!) Good Luck)


Whaaaaa… crazy squib, just plain crazy…
Loving it!

will you do it?

Is there time?



There’s always time, my friend. Its not over till the fat lady sings! Just look at my sig.


yea who knows… might come up with something yet … :slight_smile:



well, I like the fly :smiley:


Piggy! Long time no see, awesome!



yeah I have kinda lost track of myself too atm,

give me a few weeks and I’l hopefully be catching up with you again over MSN or sumthin :shrug:


Squibbit - If you were the only entrant in the cgtalk competitions, that alone would justify their existance.

Where do you get your endless stream of ROFL concepts (and no I am not expecting an answer to that one! )

Keep em coming :thumbsup:



Them little pixies come and whisper the ideas to him in his sleep…squibs got all sorts of creatures running around in his head. I know, cos I can see them through his ear :smiley:


Uh - God help his Ear-Nose-Throat specialist! :stuck_out_tongue:



OMG! :smiley: I just can’t understand how you manage to pull out those bizarre ideas all the time! :smiley: I really like your latest concept and the way you have executed it. You really should consider about making a book about all of your crazy stuff… hehe! ResPect!!! :buttrock:


umm dude… u really dont have a serious bone in your body…hahaha i laughed at this for atleast 5 minutes:beer:


Awesome stuff in that thread. Tosi naurattavaa.


Ha! That’s great!

Hey, I’m not sure if your news article pic will be your final image or not, but I have to say you did an excellent job making it look like a vintage gazette. My only suggestion would be to have someone proof read your verbiage and maybe edit the way your story is written. At the moment it doesn’t read or flow the way real newspaper article should. There are a couple of run on sentences that sort of take away from it but you really did an excellent of pulling me in to see what the photos of the dog were all about. Apart from that, I think the concept is very unique and definitely one of the stand out images in this competition. - J


Wow, excellent work, I not yet saw your thread, mate, i liked. Great details, congrats :applause:


WoW Wou Wou! I would pet a dog like that! :applause:


Still nothing yet? hehe… and than it will be only one day left and u’ll pop in with all finished milestones and a marvelous piece hehe… at least I hope so. Good luck!


Panu, where are you!? :open_mouth: Can’t wait anymore to see what you’re up to! :smiley: