Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Hehehe, man you are truly insane (in the good meaning I mean :wink: ) :bounce:


Really a great idea! So funny!!!


hehhe, very funny.

Like the bugs !!

Keep on !


This is very very very funny!!! The best one from you (until now, ahn?)

But I think you´ll have problems to develop it. Like… Is your intention to put that trajectory line of the fly?

Keep going with this one! I like the first concept too. But there´s no “spectacular” moment there. And I think this is the problem of many concepts in this contest.
Now, in this one… You have it! At least, for the bugs! hehehe





I just had a very big silly grin on my face when i laid my eyes on this fly concept. Totally hilarious so I must tell you that! :wink:


Unexpected course! :slight_smile: has amused!


Whoa, Squibbs got a new avatar!!! I think that it’s a way to make us think that he’s a good ladd!!!


I see some new concepts, but yet not so many that I expected in a time I was off… so whats going on lately? :slight_smile: doing some other stuff? I hope u’ll finish this challenge. cya around buddy!


LOL LOL:bounce: i fell out of my chair. thanks I need a good laugh.

killer Idea :thumbsup:


Whoa! hahhahahahahah !

Go with this one! (please… :love: )

Even in a piece made for fun your skills… wow!


hehey,look at that?! dammn,funny! very good,i liked everything ! esp the boy,that bastard! great,keepit up!:thumbsup:


felt like sketchin again…

click da pic for a bigger version



Hehehehe I can’t stop laughing at that flipper on the dog’s tail.

Only you.

Now when am I gonna see some more of that chapel scene? throws popcorn


:smiley: He He He He He…and I was just wondering last night how your entry was going…

Spectacular concepts from another dimension - 10/10 for originality!!

I love the fly idea, but the dog / flipper is something else

You always manage to pull off some great image at the last minute as well as keeping us all laughing throughout the challenge…waiting for the next installment :thumbsup: :bounce:


I can’t give you some good council about the choice… each time… your ideas appear very and more imaginative… the better choice will be certainly the better result… each thing can be a masterpiece in your hand… just need to start and continue…
…personaly, I always prefer the first first first idea… I just hope you can do the choice before the deadline :scream: :thumbsup: :applause: Go Squibie now…


hehehe…it’s good to have the captain aboard again…
sooo…i guess his/Her/It new feet help him play soccer tooo,:slight_smile:
keep up thinking new funny idea’s:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


“the legs push the dog up and forward into the air and then jump forward before the dog to catch it. Then they push him forward again”
I rolled with laughter! :bounce:

thats idea is so damn funny !!! i love it !


Hehehe crazy!


You my friend are not only a talented artist, but a comic genius as well!


Hahahaha! A bouncing dog. Seriously buddy, what had you been doing when you thought this up?.. Something illicit i have no doubt.