Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Bua ha ha, that’s great! Your imagination is a scary and wonderful thing squib :bowdown: Whats that brown and orange thing below the curtain?


I have almost fallen from a chair when has seen it !!
Very good idea!!!:thumbsup:


Lolz :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That is perhaps the most comical submission I have seen here yet.


Hahaha! Now that’s hardcore! :smiley:


haha, cruel guy! and crrrrazy bugs!!! very funny…I like the old sketches!



haha man! that some humor there! reminds me of some bugs that hangs around my comp at night distracting me!:D!cheers!


Man this is hilarious.
20 out of 10 for your idea:bounce:

Great composition angle too…


wow,… you should develop that mate… seriously… it is just to good.


hehe crazy stuff. Sounds like a very original and imaginative idea :smiley:


lol! haha you saved my day … thx squib :applause::beer:


Believe those people. It´s a good idea!


Ha !, you make me laugh :scream:, great humor sense!



Funny stuff. :slight_smile:


Haa, Yeah this made me laugh too, nice sense of humour.


Coming from the land of flies (oz) i can appreciate this idea. good luck.


its very much entertaining and fill with hilarity in ur thread squib:scream:haha .keep up the good work dude~


LOL! YOu must be smokin somethin to come up with these crazy but amazing ideas, great stuff dude!:thumbsup:


ahhh, 's been a while since I’ve visited Squibbit’s threads. And what’s the first thing I see on the first page? Somebody getting whacked REALLY REALLY SPECTACULARLY HARD with a newspaper. rofl

My favourite by far though, is the poor little sprite thingy coming out of the egg, staring at the beautiful world… and is about to get eaten. Love that expression on its face. Please, please develop that pic!! :smiley:


hehe…your image’s kewl,real funny:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: lol