Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Ohhhh SEEE DEEEE’SSS!:scream:


hey thats not fair…i wanted to ask that Question too:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


hahaha, cool :smiley: send them the piece. hehe


hehehe very creative .

Good luck in the challenge


Yes ! good idea ! I really love it ! It reminds me when I was a teenager, listening to 7th son of the 7th son and other Lps !
This should be a great “Piece of Mind” !


Cool ‘n’ Roll! Heavy, dude! Good luck:thumbsup:


Haha Up the Irons ! :wink:


Dude! I was so gonna say that when i posted the pic but i forgot! argh ! :thumbsup:



greeeat, the next maiden cover artwork!! now, the stranger in a strange land is resting in piece, but don´t stop to smoke!haha

good art man!



You crazy bastard! Iron should hire you now! It´s very good!!!


haha This is awesome! I had to do a double take when I first saw the cd. Great grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat work. Cant say enough about this!


Hey Squib,

That’s “spectacular”!
Keep it up, I so love the entertainment.


man, how th… what th, … - I just have to take the boat over there… hehe - just excellent… keep it up :thumbsup:


What mushrooms you’ve been eaten lately? Just browsed your thread through and have to say that your color and compositional sense has gotten so much better since latest contest. Me likes… :thumbsup: :bounce:

Btw. You work currently in Bugbear? Going to make a visit there today. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks, well, good to see these contests have actually taught me something, heh

Btw. yea there was some talk of u yesterday , welcome :stuck_out_tongue:



In a spectacular, Death Defying Stunt,
Flint da Fly tricks a human to attacking
him, resulting in a spilled mug of coffee,
bloodied nose and a curtain on fire,
earning Flint an unprecedented 28 points
from the collected bugz jury.



The impact looks outstanding.

It may just be a funpic but I love the idea. :thumbsup:



pwahahahahaha! :scream::applause: lmao! lovely update mate! squibalicious!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: more, more!:twisted:


I don’t know how you each time find some good ideas… this one is very funny, good compo… maybe perfect, not ? but finally, I always prefer your first one : “New Peacekeeper Forces”
I was really disappointed to not see the end of this adventure.

What will be the next one ? :scream: you rocks man :thumbsup:


I always knew those darn insects were conspiring against us. So squib you finally caught them at there dirty games!