Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


well, I don’t know I mean it’s qiute, :slight_smile:


Its great to see youre always trying new ideas, but are you any closer to deciding which one to do? This one is really well painted. Its got some good dark humour and a cartoony (almost Dr Seuss-y) look to it, but doesnt really strike me as spectacular. If it was seen looking over his shoulder, so you can see what he sees, then yeah, it could be, but right now im getting ‘danger’ or ‘surprise’ or something.
I like the dragon spaceship and the angel one the most.

Get cracking squib! You only have 66 days, 17 hours, 43 minutes, and 21 seconds left!


Thats all we have left? Good heavens man, I better get cracking :smiley:


Hey man you look great in your new avatar.
Nice pic, is it a recent photo?



this one ?

30 mins maybe



Hehe, isn’t this a little bit… cynic? :wink: Love the mood of this one :smiley:


This is very cool. I love your concept. Good luck.:buttrock:



Dude you’re killing me with all of these crazy/insane/awesome ideas!

Then I saw your new avatar and freaked out, had a serious flashback!!! Remembering the big record covers of Powerslave, Somewhere in Time, Number of the Beast… All of the cool details added in, all of the different Eddie concepts… EEEHRRR…

Then I thought “Why doesn’t Squibbit do an Iron Maiden cover for the contest?”

Man you could do the best Eddie ever and fill the rest of the cover with all of your ideas. It would be absolute EYECANDY!!!

That would be Spectacular!!!



i like that…

we’ll see…



stop being so good!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


:scream: The smile on that thing’s face looks really funny knowing that the guys who are about to eat him are right behind him…


i dunno if there’s anything spectacular
about this, but i liked the idea and I’d
always wanted to paint a Maiden album
cover anyways so here it is , heh

it’s eddie at the pyramid top as he is
in the Stranger in a Strange Land pics,
a machineflesh dude with cowboy hat and
leather coat… then i was thinking of
adding crazed villagers around the
pyramid and a futurized WWII english
bomber in the back cover, piloted by
Eddie, heading for the next town to hit,



here’s the sketch in full


Eddie coming to town :eek: hide

but a really funny thread you have :slight_smile: and a lot of talent too…


Run to the hills!!! He’s coming!!!

Squib, you’re awesome!!!

I love it.

I’m more blown by how quick you whipped it out. Is this the first time that you did an Iron Maiden cover? I figured that you would’ve done several, seeing how you’re such a fan.

Do the villagers. that would be awesome!!!


cool squib! nice work :smiley:


Hahahaha… I don’t know where you can find all these ideas :banghead: … you’re the one mate :thumbsup:


not a word, McVey :smiley:



too good panu… too good



There’s an ancient secret to Squibbs ideas that we’ll never know!!!