Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


ROFL!!! that’s cool man!!! :applause: :beer:


Funny …love it!!! :scream:


Wow love that one good job and good luck


now thats a brilliant idea~very funny in a way~:scream:


HA.HA, i laughed when i saw the rock hammer going into his head :D…
Nice one!..and you got karisma. I guess everyone is here…

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Thanks, peoples . About the hammer, my friend Markus Tuppurainen
came up with that idea, so it’s not mine, thanks , Markus :thumbsup:

ps. yea it’s supposed to be rock, Vahn :blush:
But now that you mentioned it, looks great
as a tree too, haha, thanks :smiley:



Hey Squibbit,

Wow, how many concepts have you done . They all look good and the last one looks great, the little hatched creature looks great too. Great job, look forward to what you decide on doing.


It’s only the Koncept Sketch Challenge for Squibies… don’t search to understand this kind of mamal :scream: hahahaha


Lmao at the latest concept squib - however I warned you if you didn’t stick to that other one you would have to fear my wrath eh? whacks you Bad Squibbit! Anyway, I love the face on the little yellow thing…pictures featuring a big cheesy grin and a sledge hammer are always fun.


Hmm…I don´t know why the people think this is a funny picture. Little cutie is gonna get killed. Doesn´t sound funny to me. The little yellow-something looks very cool. It devinetley has my sympathy. :slight_smile:



Dont worry, he’ll put it all together in the last days. :smiley:
In a spectacular fashion…albeit crazy, but spectacular nonetheless.


Squib, you really nutts!

You rock!
Will keep track of this, take care buddy.

Keep going! :slight_smile:


good one squib! stick with that :scream:


More concepts squibbit? Crazy, crazy man.

I also see the illegitimate love child of the tooth faiy and the grinch has finally been found, and by flesh hungry monsters no less… Ah the irony.

Um… yeah… neat artwork though :applause:



ouch! …was stickin’ to the other concept , this was just for fun u know…
…gonna ask your roommate to let me in at night when you’re sleeping and
exchange your blanket for a swordfish… hug dat… :stuck_out_tongue:

yea these earth peoples are a twisted, bloodthirsty bunch… never gonna understand …

Thanks for dropping by people :thumbsup:



Mmmmm… lunch…

Besides, any immediate plans to actually settle for any of these concepts soon?



the one with the priest and temptation sounds coooll…good luck ,man!


i dont know why but i cannot get enough of thise one. its just plain awesome … i love it.


hahahahaa how mean! rofl!


Keep up your good work.