Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


am i the only one concerned 'bout squib’s sanity? :curious:


Dont worry coCoKNIght he is perfectly INSANE! :thumbsup:

When the month turns to november you should pick a concept and finalize it with patience what will surprise us all!

I like the sky in this one. Handpainted all the way??


hehe… and another of ur great ideas :smiley: bravo!


I second that :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


!sigh. I am quite envious at the ease with which you execute your ideas.

Am sure whichever u choose, will be spectacularly executed.


Just because you can’t feel what’s going on behind the scenes doesn’t mean there’s
ease anywhere, lady :slight_smile:

told u before, tsk , tsk…



like the other ones way better, i think the angel is my favorite,
cheers dude :smiley:


Here if Mig29:) Cool work:thumbsup:


Да,это тоже очень хорошое самолëт :thumbsup:

хаха, я так плохо говорю по-руский :smiley:



another one on the church…

was thinking like this could be a mental
image of what’s going on inside a priest’s
mind as he’s holding some ceremony and
some hot babes in the front row are like
testing his faith… arousing all sorts
of ideas in his mind :slight_smile:

comments welcome , as always… special
thanks to St.Man for pushing the angle



Looking good squib! :slight_smile: more more!! :smiley:


go squib go! developing nicely :thumbsup:


Hmm…this could be really …spiffy :bounce:

Update on this mate!


Cool idea. It would be cool if the angles was wading his way through a swarm of the demons, batting them aside.


Oh but if he gets that much attention he’s going to turn red too?
Don’t yah think? :twisted:


sketch mate, the transluscent optic looks very nice! keep on rocking Panu!:buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:


mmmm…looks Great for a new concept…those bady Evily Girls look pretty lovely to be with:) …

Please…start ONE:thumbsup:


this creature is born and finds everything
spectacular, unknowing that the munsters
have named it “Lunch” and have been
waiting for hours for it to ‘get ripe’
and hatch, so they could eat it.



lol ! very cool … one of your best sketches ever :smiley: i like how you have done the tree/rock ( ?) behind the figures and the little one is just the best hehehehe :bowdown:


ROTFLMAO :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
That one was really brilliant.