Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Hey panu o’ squibbit, I love the concept with the wales and I gotta tell you pssst [size=2]that your concepts tend to be more fantastic than spectacular…[/size]


Dammit, squib - make up your mind! We only have 70-odd days remaining (!)



eager to see what u will go for .:bounce:
cheers.best of luck.


Glad the DSG could help out… now that i am awake, its much safer to make comments. I hope at least. Anywho i did a number of concept sketches feel free to pilage those that i am not using for ideas. Glad to know that a suggestion that I made helped out somewhere =)

Good Luck and take care.


wow! cool succubus sketch. Looking good! :slight_smile:


I don’t think you’ll be seeing it , cuz i think i’ll be heading for
a bar…

so tired and unispired some live music might help a little…



Hi uomala, nice figure you´ve created, it reminds me the statues on Iron Maiden´s Powerslave cover. anymay the painting is well done

see ya


Looks like my ex getting ready for night out… ruff! ruff!

Loads of good ideas, keep it up :slight_smile:


TeLL Me WHy I HAVE TO Be a POWeRSLAaaVe ??!!??
I Dun WANNA DiE I’m A GOD WHY CAn’T I LIVE Oon !!? !!

derek riggs rulez!

stop dating dogs, baron , people will start thinking you’re silly…



LOL @ squibbit!!!:scream:

I’ll wait for the next post too damn sleepy to post crits and kiss ass, nice sketches though!:thumbsup:


hey dude,

how was the live concert? who played?
a time-out for a day allways helps. Man…your brain is full of ideas. This can´t
go wrong.




Went to see three Finnish bands, Charon, Entwine and SoulRelic,
all played good , going there really cheered me up a lot… now
I’m still ready to collapse from the lack of sleep because i had to
stay up so late and i was so tired to begin with,
but in way better spirits, hehe.



never heard of them. What kind of music do they play. Reading the names I would suggest
solid rock with a touch of gothic.
Going out on workdays is allways exhausting but it sounds it was worth it. :slight_smile:




lol , hit the nail on the head there , dude, that kind of music exactly :thumbsup:

and yes, definitely worth it



How’s it hangin Squibbit? Cool sketches man :thumbsup: I’ll just check back in for more updates.


Hey Squibbit looking very spectacular.
It’s so nice living in darkness (haha)
Nah really this is looking inspired and I love it.

Please tell your succubbi they can come to daddy now :smiley:


Been away for a while and I cant keep up anymore with ur thread… u r new Linda I see… almost 30 pages of replies… hahaha… So which sketch is a favorite at this moment? just asking so I can join ur creating process again :slight_smile:


this is dedicated to anyone having
his or her birthday today

as a birthday present to Lt. Storm,
his wingman takes as spin with one
of them new modified F-16’s and lights
the iron candles of the asbestos-covered
birthday cake with the afterburner.



lol funny piece and hell a cool executed. Squibalicious excellent :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice thinking there:)):applause: