Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


Good luck!


This is going to be good, I can tell you. :applause:

  Let the fun begin.:arteest:



Woohoo!! Squibbitzzzz!

C’mon… an hour and a half’s gone by since you siad you were gonna take part… where’s the ideas?? huh? huh? :slight_smile:





greetings dude! we have a lot of expectations here… stop eating sleeping and doing other unimportant stuff. start drawing :arteest: good luck!


or nipples :smiley:


้ำheeh! glad to see you again here! have fun man!


yea easy start here, big ripoff really,
haha, gotta try n do sumthin more
original next time

The dawn of Vatican’s own peacekeeping



hahahaha fastard! lol evil crew on the moooove, very scary :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a very clever play on starwars mate :slight_smile:
Best of luck.


Squib, always so much fun to follow the flow of concepts u produce in challenges. I hope u get as many bursts of creativity as in the past challenges, and I wish u good luck picking the best one :wink:


ehehe i was gonna say it too !


hmmm… the vatican’s very realistic. I hope it wasn’t a ‘paintover’.



no man , pencil & fingerpaints, honest!

just a lunchbreak to work on that, dude, had to google some pics, haha



The idea’s very interesting. I really likethe background it gives really interestining ambient.


rock the house squib :wink: and don’t forget to get a 3 month supply of lemonice icecream from your cow gg

may the inspiration be with you


Awesome start Squib… LOL, geez man you kill me.

Best of luck on this one.

Cheers, mate…


wha? 3 pages already.:eek:



Good luck squibit, i’m glad to see you here


good luck.