Spectacular 2D Entry: Panu Uomala


lol, funny and unexpected final piece! thanks for all the laughs, love your concepts:applause:
best of luck on the finals :slight_smile:


Haha… very quick Squibbit and also rather silly.

I would wish you good luck but i see you’ve gone for some subtle judge flattery… i hope you’ve not missed any out…?

You add a big chunk of fun to these challenges, and i can’t wait to see your interpretation of whatever theme we get given in the springtime.

You’re a very silly man.

And that’s a compliment.



Oh, man! Very nice pic! I love hockey :smiley: Look like book ilustration, very ood, keep it! :thumbsup: and Good luck! :applause:


sergioKomic : Linda who? [b]

ShortWave : [/b][color=White]Thanks , dude[/color][b]

enialadam : [/b]Thank You, Lady Madalaine bows[b] :smiley:

dunkelgold : [/b]Hey there, my little wave of inspiration[color=White]! [/color][color=White]surfs[/color][b]

Crying Horn : [/b][color=White]Yea it’s always like this… Maybe next time a bit different?[/color][b] :rolleyes:

makaron : [/b]“hips of good luck” eh? sweet…

paperclip :
[color=White]Thanks, could I have a graphical presentation of the seal?
…how did you spell that name again?[b]

soapy : [/b]Yea couldn’t forget Canada from a hockey pic, now could I ?[b] :smiley:

Lync : [/b]Thanks[b]

ahbeejieh : [/b]kapoot? yea happens more often than you’d guess, I have a
habit of coming back, though[b] :slight_smile:

beelow : [/b]u know, concept wise it was quite an alright challenge :thumbsup: . Been
wondering if i should start doing something with the challenge leftover
concepts some day…

Atris :
thanks, dude[b]

the1st_angel : [/b]good luck to u too[b]

duddlebug : [/b]yea actually i might have left a couple of them go, but i’m a nice guy so… [b]

rawwad : [/b]hey and Slovakian hockey being among the best of the world you’re
not having a shortage of good games to watch there[b] :thumbsup:

Thank You again, everybody



sorry, I meant heaps… :eek: not hips… :rolleyes: haha…


congratulations on your final image.very cool stuff.best luck in contest.cheers.:bounce: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


heh youre goooooood! :scream:


grats crazy guy! and thx for all the laughs here :applause::smiley:

i hope youll be in the next challenge as well … i dont want them without you anymore :love:


great final image… good luck mate…:thumbsup:


I must say… the ideas you showed us in this thread coud filled up small gallery :] Im gonna keep my eye on you dude :] Till the next time :thumbsup:


Great piece Squib! Love the action and colors. The moment is very well expressed! Bravo!:beer: Thanks for stopping by and helping me out too!


love hockey, man, it’s very cool :bounce: :bounce:
good luck :thumbsup:
cheers :twisted:



40+ page thread?!?!? OMG!

Hey man, just wanted to congratulate you on finishing the challenge. your final image came out great… the look on #13’s face is priceless :applause: Good luck! -J


thanks people !

heh , i thought this might be interesting,
it’s from the morning paper, random Spectacular moment,
Team Finland beat Team Sweden 2-1 in a European Tourney game :cool:

(the pass in the pic ended in the 1-0 goal)


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everybody![/b]



Team Finland just beat team Sweden 1-0 in under 20year olds’ World Championship games :smiley:

was a tough game though, the swedes ruled the ice most of the time :thumbsup:


Congratulations Finland! Yes as I watched the game I was thinking hey this scene is just like squibbits picture! There were even guys in team Canada jerseys in the background. I really hope Finland takes the silver… :wink: Edit>> Ooops make that Bronze… I just saw the semi final matchups.


haha, me too, yea Team Finland really gotta be at their best on
Wednesday if they gonna be a match against Canada

hoping it will be a good game :thumbsup:



I wish the matchups were different, but whatever the outcome I am cheering for whoever wins the Canada Finland game.


Congratulations Panu… the latest drawings are particulary realistic :thumbsup:


but whatever the outcome I am cheering for whoever wins the Canada Finland game

same here, buddy :thumbsup:

thanks, although kinda sad to reach the artistic peak after challenge :hmm: