Spectacular 2D Entry: Oros Claudiu


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welcome oros and good luck!:slight_smile:


haven’t thought of a name yet and also haven’t started working out stuff…ut i have a solid image of how it should look like…to make it short:girl in spacesuit with only face visile,crack in helmet with frost uilding on the glass,earth in back,and reflection of either sun or other stuff going wrong :smiley: gonna start painting soon…


thanks,good luck to you too!!:bounce:


this is trying to be a sketch of the girls face that i will e using…a combination of some girls i know and others from pictures…


Hi OrO!

I can hear her saying to himself, inside her broken helmet “oh sh**, Isn’t this just spectacular…” :smiley:

cool concept. I’l comment more later when there is more to see.


you do that:thumbsup: thx


You do use a reference for this drawing, i’ve already seen this “character” and in the same pose.

It’s based on a digital painting did by a chinese or japanese guy.

please quote him



yup,ok,i’ll do that…it’s one of the most briliant pictures i’ve ever seen…i have it in a paper picture format and it’s one of my favorite pictures…you’re sure it’s digital??? thought it was a simple black and white artphoto…i’m also using other pictures due to the lack of models…one with a girl with freckles and one with black hair with red strands…oh and also…i think i’l make her have pale skin…but a lot of thanks to the man that took or made this picture.It’s one of my FAVs!!


thoughts on the rest of the things.pls.if you have advice about how the glass should look cracked and haircolor and eyecolor and lips and anything…dose anyone know how to paint glass and reflections :))


Cool idea. I like the concept of showing the star through the reflection. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


:thumbsup: i’m gonna try my best.But first i have to sleep a little:shrug:


welcome to the contest, nice start u got there , Oro



thx :slight_smile: i keep having thoughts and i just have to select what is best…and of course :scream: sleep


wellcooome!! have fun and good luck!! btw nice concept!:thumbsup:


thank you :thumbsup: gonna have to get to the coloring part soon


nuthing more then some colors…i’m still not sure what colors i should use…this is just everyody knows i’m working


thats really nice OrO!


thank you… i try :smiley: andyody knows how to paint glass the right way:scream:


work work work…anyody knows how to paint glass ? :smiley: