Spectacular 2D Entry: Natascha Roeoesli


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Enchanté , Madame



hmmm ok…
seeing it is quite a long deadline this time I decided to enter despite my lack of really original ideas and many deadlines this month.

Toying around with ideas for now so it might be a bit until I come up with some thumbs or sketches.

My main idea was to show bird perspective of a kids room. You see parts of it and you also see what’s going on down in the streets through a big window. There is a kid struggling to stand, clinging to the curtains to be able to look outside and you see a wheel chair obviously been pushed over while the kid was trying to struggle up to see what’s going on down in the streets. Through the window you see the most spectacular carneval going on. Confetti and lots of people. Clowns, artist and jugglers.

I was even thinking (to make it even more challenging to me rolls her eyes to show the boys face closeup, the wheelchair in the back and the carnival and the outside environment reflected in his eyes).
I’ll come up with some concept thumbs for several camera angles I guess.

I think the most spectacular things often go unnoticed and even small things that might look unimportant to most of us can be very spectacular to someone else…


Finally, you have entered the contest, I was hoping to see you here, another great challenger! good luck to ya! I’ll keep up with your thread!:thumbsup:


…or you could have just a little baby, not able to walk yet,
crawling in grass on bright summer day looking and pointing up at
a beautiful butterfly (or a dragonfly, you could have the insect
close to the ‘camera’ and go for a hyperrealistic pic),
with a sense of awe and astonishment on his/her face.
Could work, simple as it is, yes?



Hello Kyena!! Thats gonna be some tough challange, best of the best are gathering to whip our lamas asses :stuck_out_tongue: I have no illusion of wining anythig but just to work with artists of your class… boooy thats rush my blood. Gonna wath you and support you any way I can :thumbsup:

Good Luck!


Hear hear, I’ve been working with handicapped people myself the past week. Amazing how simple things can get them really excited. Giong home is an adventure to them. Yaddah yaddah, heheh.

Good luck with it, I’m sure your ideas aren’t half as stupid as you seem to think.


Hi Natasha! Good to see you entered the challenge. I’d be very glad if you stick with this idea cause it’s really similar to mine (the child subject + the reflection idea). I’m quite stuck with the reflection issue at the moment, maybe we can share tips on how to do it properly!

First thing I found is that the iris should be really big to propely depict a scene in it. The second thing is that the pupil part (black in the eye) represents quite a hole in the reflected image… I’m gonna pick up some reference and study it but I’d be glad if you could pay a visit to my thread and gimme your opinion.

well, till then: Good luck!!!


I was toying with ideas like that as well. Kid looking at stars in awe…or a butterfly sitting on a kids nose and so on. But I think it is a bit too straight forward for me. I like to have several meanings in a painting. One a bit obvious and one a bit hidden.

In my main concept that obvious spectacular thing would be the carnival - colorful and dynamic. But in fact I want to stress the event of the paralized kid actually struggling to stand and see what’s going on down the street.

OmeN2501: Hi! Haha no kidding. I have no illusions of winning either. However I hope I can at least finish it this time. Seeing how easily I get distracted with other things THAT is probably the biggest challenge for me >_<

Jim: Absolutely!

Xillion: I will definately keep checking in on your thread. The Sketch looks interesting so far but I agree…you can’t make the eye too big or it will be like a black whole…maybe make him look through a window from outside and add some more of the scene being reflected on the glass?


uh… maybe the alien dragonfly would be viewing the kid as a spectacular lunch?

k , i’ll go away now



Good luck Natatscha… it’s great to see you join the fun.

And you’re ideas seem pretty ambitious and could be very spectacular!


lol Squib - that’s actually an awesomly funny idea.

duddlebug: thank you very much sir and the same to you :slight_smile:


Hi Kyena! Glad you see your entering the challenge, good luck with your ideas. I’m looking forward to seeing some sketches.



Hi, Kyena, and welcome to the challenge!
Yours is an interesting concept, difficult to achieve, but I think you’ve got the talent to pull it off, certainly! Good luck!


Yeah, That seems a nice advice…I’m gonna try that! thanks for answering so fast!


Hi Tascha! It’s fantastic to see you! Happy drawing! I sense spectacliar [size=2]stuff coming! :slight_smile:


good to see you in here Tascha, looking forward to it


Aly, Martin :slight_smile: thanks to both of you. Wish you all the luck as well and a big thumbs up for both your concepts so far.

I decided to not challenge myself too much. After sketching and thumbnailing a bit I noticed that it doesn’t work out with the idea I had. Spectacular to me needs to be BIG - in and out of focus elements, dynamic swirlies and and an… and with the part of a room inside and another scene outside (which is supposed to look BIG and DYNAMIC) it’s just not going to work.

I settle for something simplier and more straight forward. Sticking to character development and dynamic.
More thinking of a harlekin girl inviting us into the painting. Jugglers and people on onewheel bikes coming out of her hat…

umm…cheesy…blah…I do some more thinking tomorrow…too much commission work I have to finish interfering with my artsy flows…


hie tasha~glad u’ve joined,i’m looking forward to what u are about to come up with~we certainly have more time than the previous challenge:)goodluck and god speed!:thumbsup:


emmm… good luck!!! :thumbsup: