Spectacular 2D Entry: Mickey Brenneman


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Latest Update: Line Art: Battle of the Bulge


sketch of the scene. not much, but i hope to do well witht the special effects.


i think im going to have to start with a different idea:

its still the battle of the bulge, but im going to have the view over an american soldiers left shoulder, and hes going to be aiming down into a foxhole at a terrified nazi soldier.

hopefully ill have more time on the next competition, i saw this kinda late.


no worries guy…

i am oso working on mine…haha

Keep the spirit up…still 1 week off.


yeah, the final image may have a kinda slapped together lok, but then i can slap stuff together for school and have it still look pretty nice. hopefully ill see the next comps earlier.

any comments on my drawing skillz or my new idea?


new idea now.

this is the american.

he is going to be standing over a fox hole aiming down on a nazi.


heres the nazi soldier, now i need to make some scenery, some smaller details, some coler, some touching up and cler detail, and hopefully i’ll be done by the 6th.

any comments on it so far?


just put my sketches together and added two trees in the background.


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