Spectacular 2D Entry: Michaël Zancan


Hey, I see there great composition and idea. Keep working. :smiley:


You’d deserve many more views on this. It’s very interesting to see how you work digitally - specially since I am a big admire of your traditional works :slight_smile:

Definately belongs to my personal favourites in this challenge.


Really, nice rendering great stuff, I agree with kyena, should definitely have more views, but I will keep up with this entry, truly amazing!


This is really amazing. The image has so much depth to it, and I can’t wait to see it finished. I really love the colors as well!! I agree with Kyena; It’s really something to see your digital process since know how wonderful your traditional art it.


Wow! wonderful idea. This is so beautiful I love the lighting. Amazing work so far!


amazing perspective drawing…I also like your work flow

well done so far man…Cheers


Awesome persepctive! i really like your idea, and how u work it out, visually it looks stunning!
keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


This is simply beautiful, I personaly like the girls face expresion, it’s so sweet and gentle :love: Everything else looks outstanding too, very warm and inspiring work. :thumbsup:


absolutely marvelous job here! I love the piecefull idea of ur concept but I think it needs a bit more dramatic ilumination. But I see u have still some work (painting process) to do so probably u have this in mind as well. I will pay more attention to this thread now and I hope u’ll finish in time! good luck :slight_smile:


Things are on their way , despite general fatigue and demoralizing events like a computer crash after a 3-hours-unaved-tiny-details-work. I can’t see how I can achieve the artwork the way I’d like with the amount of time left, though. I’m gonna ask my boss a day-off, even if it’s not enough I’ll help.
Here are a few close-ups on some chosen parts. I’ve started to draw little droplets on the second character, but in the end there should be rain everywhere, because that’s what it’s all about: sunlight and raindrops, depicting a metaphor of a spectacular and rare feeling that is crying for joy. More constructive explanation to come along with the final image, promised!
I wish I was a super-hero capable of stretching time, or capable of convincing the jury to delay the deadline of about… 2 months… uhm. yeah… that would make it.


WOOOW! This is really amazing:eek: :eek: :eek: and beautiful:bounce:

Good Luck!


Strangely I hadn’t thought about the mirror trick before, and flipped the image horizontally yesterday for the first time. It was like the artwork at first sight and the effect was outstanding. Of course many mistakes popped up immediately, and were added to the giant TODO list.
I think that this flipped view would suit my theme best, because the diagonal growing from left-bottom to upright conveys a more optimistic symbolism. Maybe I’ll keep that one.


This is friggin awesome man, Its perfect.


I am soooooooooo happy you didn’t give up after your crash Michael :love:
Thanks again for the css help too btw!


This is just so…inconcievably beautiful. I’m speechless.


I have worked on the frontmost character, adding teardrops and details here and then.
I also sacrificed a lot of details in the background to make foreground stand out more, else the scene was too busy looking. (stupid me… I can’t help but adding useless details). Still need to improve the lighting on the forehead branches, and cast the shadows coming from the building structure on the hand and on the forearm + many droplets.
I’ve figured out one thing concerning the digital medium vs the traditional medium. I always thought that I was more precise on real canvas, since they are much wider (this one is 2 meters high). But looking at how deep we can go into details with digital medium, I’m now doubtful. Hmm we’ll see.


I love the lighting on this piece!

Great work & Good luck!



I think that this could be labeled a final coloring, since it apparently only lacks details on some parts.
Still I need to populate the ground with a more dense crowd of spectators. ( If you don’t think this is spectacular, at lest they’ll do :wink: )
…plus raindrops everywhere, respectful to the perspective, it will help to define the volume, and give a sense of movement to this rather static scene.
But for the moment I’m 100% exhausted… Goin’ straight to the spectacle of my bed.


I suspected this would be one of my favorites of the challenge since i saw your lineart… Love the harmony in the expressions of your characters. The front one is just beautiful, very sensual, graceful, emotionaly expressive and the plant element in them make them seem wise.
I hope you make it in time… But still try not to stress it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! I’m glad to see there is some support in here :slight_smile: I’m quite satisfied with the characters, especially at close view , but I think the global lighting looks a bit… messy ? Tomorrow I’ll work out this as much as possible, in the final rush… ! cheers