Spectacular 2D Entry: Michaël Zancan


holy crap, this is stunning! great vision && good work… wicked :).


Hey man, really elegant work, one of my favorites for sure :bowdown:


Hope you’ll win cause it’s sensational !:thumbsup:


Wow! Congratulations Michael - if this doesn’t get placed I’ll eat my Wacom! :smiley:


Beautiful. As in :eek: Damn. You dont need luck with this! ~peace. :thumbsup:


Hi Zancan!

Thanks for finishing one of my favorite “SPECTACULARS”:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Great work :thumbsup:


Amazing details. This is beautiful. One of the best!



:slight_smile: Thanks for finishing atmospheric work! Has very much liked! Success ":applause:
Great work :thumbsup:


you finished despite the crash!! yay :smiley:

Those closeups are breathtaking…I really hope you’ll make one of the final places Michael for both the story and the absolutely amazing showcase of your talent.


Thank you Tascha :slight_smile: actually it was only an application crash that sent 3 hours of work to the trash. Nothing compared to the total amount of work, so it wasn’t enough to make me give up! Queen of chocolate … I’m getting hungry now :wink:


This painting is absolutely stunning. I adore the lighting, and colours. Such a abeautiful and interesting painting, so many details! This is one of my favourite entries for sure.

Good luck!


absolutely beautiful:thumbsup:
congratulations!good luck.cheers.:bounce:


thinking of it again - I would vote for this as a judge simply for the fact that there are way too many death and distruction “spectacular” images…which is somewhat quite disturbing…

I like your approach much better.


vé, il y a beaucoup d’images effectivement spectaculaires dans la section 2D, mais la tienne est ma favorite; l’originalité du concept, la vertigineuse impression visuelle, la douceur de la palette et la sérénité de l’harmonie générale (bon, j’arrête là… ^^) la font nettement sortir du lot. si le jury ne se laisse pas trop influencer par la notoriété des concurrents (un travers un peu tenace par ici), je ne doute pas un seul instant que tu fasses partie des finalistes. :applause:


Michaël Zancan, with out a doubt this CG Painting is the most spectactular thing i’ve ever seen in my whole life. It brings a bundle of such joy, love to me. Hopefully i will see more artworks like this from you, with out any touch of death, or anything negative.



Hey mate, I’m really dissapointed that you didn’t won anything :frowning: Your’s looked really impresive to me, good luck and see you next time :smiley:


Oh, thank you very much for your support. I’m a bit disappointed too but there were so many really good artworks that did not make it neither. The judging must have been tough and I think it’s fair. What’s more subjective than judging art anyway? It’s ok, and I love painting so much that no bad challenge result can ever alter my passion and my will. Cheers :slight_smile:


When I clicked the link to the result page, I was expecting to see you there… And me too, I’ve been disappointed not to find you at the place you deserved.
But the winners are excellent too, anyway (especially the 3rd runner up), and as you said many entries were incredible and better (in my tastes) than some of the runners up, and didn’t get any prize…
I suppose yours wasn’t spectacular enough, in a graphical way. The judges had criterias that went beyond the simple beauty…

I hope to see you entering the next challenges, Michaël, following the progress of this piece was really a pleasure.


I totally agree with what you had said and I feel just the same! Besides, I don’t really need the prize, and I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Being able to know ppl like you and surround myself with all the nice artists is the best reward in this challenge. But congrats on your lovely piece and I hope to see you next challenge! :slight_smile:


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