Spectacular 2D Entry: Michael van den Bosch


hiya MichaelMotion

thanks for dropping by and wow nice concepts! u have a unique style of portraying images man!
cheers man and subscribed :thumbsup::bounce:!


Starting to look nice 'n sinister. :twisted:


no updates? pffff…:shrug:


Crazy Freaky and Cool. Love it. I really like the cartoony sketches! Nice. :smiley:


Hi! It’s my feeling: maybe try to make the color of background more dark and more misty? Anyway your work makes a strong, indelible impression! Good luck!


You have produced some very powerful images! Great drawing and painting style. You have some really interesting concepts. Perhaps add a few more ‘thoughts’ to the womans stream of thought. Good work! :thumbsup: Gord


really psychotic, but I love it :slight_smile:


Very terribly! Can even too)


busy, busy, busy…
But I’ll finish this one.


Your scene give me chills. But in a good way. I like the sensivity and the beauty of your scene mixed with a chocking side that is gore (not too gore). Your scene is very special. You are talented and imaginative.

Keep up with your good work!

Good Luck!:thumbsup:


Dreams are often materielized in metamorphic projections of the inner troubled states of mind once said Sigmund Freud. You should have illustrated that then… but it’s never too late. Keep it rollin’ man! Your ideas scream louder, and this is goooood! :thumbsup:


This is the final coloring of my entry.
I’ll go put in some more tiny detail.



One of the Best! Dali would be proud! :thumbsup:


Here’s my final entry.

It’s called: Thoughts

This image is based on wicked/twisted thougts and loving thoughts. Came to this idea brainstorming on what’s “spectacular”?: What raises a heartbeat and makes people scared? So why not make lovely, cute things with a sick twist.

Like the mouse: cute and sweet, tiny and fragile, a bit like a puppy. Make a needle stick through it’s head and what do you get? A sick thought, how is this woman able to live with herself?

The butterfly is a symbol of spring and takes a magical turn in life when it comes out of it’s cocoon, when it changes into something beautiful like this, a butterfly. Made the wings torn and damaged to make the contrast again.

Birds in the sky, I guess makes everybody happy, especialy as cute and colorfull as this little one. We all get the same feeling when little birds are bathing in a bit of water, with the sun shining its feathers warm and dry. Made the wings like thornbushes, to make contrast of hard and soft.

I had to make a point with the snake of making this woman heartless. You know when people call someone a snake, like when people are doing things behind other people’s back. The same is here I guess, because people think of stuff like this (well, maybe not this sick! It’s all art you know) but don’t speak of it.

The wires/cables that stick out of the baby’s head is the sickest thing I created! Because it’s causing damage to a human being and that’s what we call a “DON’T” do that!
What’s more precious then a child, whats more adourable then a baby, people are different when they are in the presents of a child, especialy a newborn… People always pinch in the cheeks of a child or put there hands on the cheeks and say: “hey cuty”, or, “ahhh adorable”…
That’s why I made the wires stick out of the cheeks. Making this child untouchable… Made the wings (thornbushes of the bird) cross the forehead of the child just to make this image a bit religious. This is all imagionary (art) and is all in the head (thoughts), same as religion I guess (my opinion)

The wires coming from the head that disapear in the cheeks of the child, had to be twisted and curling around eachother, just to make the thought coming out of this womans head twisted, they had to show lovely thoughts with a wicked/sick twist.

Made the woman’s skull open so thoughts could literaly get free and had to adjust this bloody mess with a cute face and a fury collar to make it soft again. Also the twist / swirl coming out of the womans head, has the meaning of: “this girl’s has got some twisted thoughts!”

Hope you like it…

Thank’s everybody!!

All the best,


10x for your opinion in my thread, and i can see you have well drawn picture here to…nice surrealistic look…


very deep image. kind of surreal when you compare it too the social pattern in society… and your choice in symbols is great as well. but i cannot help and wonder if there is or not a real element that ties them all toghether … oh well just my thoughts the image is beautifully executed. well done and best of luck.


Very instantly cool image! Spooky in a good illustration way! Good luck and see ya at some other challenges! :thumbsup:


Wow I must have been out for so long, didn’t even see this concept of yours yet.
I think your concept is very interesting and the execution is great! good luck in the voting man!:thumbsup:


Good luck with your job!Like the baby face and the blood,hehe:thumbsup:


Looks really cruel but very interesting, I like it!