Spectacular 2D Entry: Michael van den Bosch


I like it… wicked!
But what is the black cable doing there? If you want it to be more bizarre, make the snake come out from the corner of her mouth or maybe the ear, that may symbolize religious lies…

Good luck!


This girl 's got a lot on her mind and it aint pretty!


Okay, that’s a little creepy. :thumbsup:

I’m not sure if a white background is the best way to highlight the scene / mood. Even if there were just vague shapes in the background, it would give it depth, which I think would probably look good.

Nice stuff.


Thanx MoonFever!
The cable, well that’s how we say here in the Netherlands, "the girl has a broken cable in the upper room(her head), so, I was going for a broken cable, but maybe it’s gonna be a loose screw? People from US say: “She’s got a loose screw”? Dunno yet, but something like that. Idea 'bout the snake… . . working on it, Thanx!

Thanks ChrisThatGuy!





You’ve got an impressive array of styles! I liked your first concept sketch of the jump a lot, but this is showing a lot of potential too. I’d sure hate to see what kind of nightmares you get :wink:

Here are some thoughts on things to make it more dark and twisted:

Maybe try a black background? The swirling vortex in her head could emminate a bright light that gives much deeper shadows and stronger lights to accent the truly gruesome aspects of your image you want to bring out. The snake is a cool orange color, maybe a pattern of black scales crisscrossing it would be good.

The monster faces were good, but I think if you had the face constructed entirely out of the mist and maybe a frontal shot like it’s hellish jaws are open wide to swallow you, it would be pretty dramatic (a pale face of a lost soul could be tucked in the back of the throat). Eyes are very nice, but too warm of a color IMO. I wonder what black eyes with tiny white dots for pupils would look like.

Lips are awesome, though I keep thinking she should have her mouth agape. And maybe she has a pierced lip or nose, and tattooes on her cheek, but they are tattooes of scars.

Now I’m going to run away before more twisted thoughts come to mind thanks to your image…



Color testing…


u gonna put a mug ear on the right side?

beautifully painted, the bird wings are cool,
the mouse is my absolute favourite, the
snake and the barbed wire… don’t like then that
much, perhaps too typical , or sumthin…

edit: there could be a human in the background,
having just taken a sip from the cup and he/she
would be having a grin on the face too…
that person and the “mug” could be looking
eachother and grinning… ?



Dali would be proud! Very nicely painted so far!


Line Art…
I’m focusing on mixed thoughts. A woman’s thought(mind) is very cute, sweet and lovely…


Squibbit, Jose Pardo Thanx!


Hi MichaelMotion. Like your paints. They are cool. I want to see more and know whats happend with this pieces. I don’t understand to much jet. I’ll be waiting for the next steps.



Here’s the image, that’s gonna have the centre of the attention, what’s worse then sick, twisted thoughts on such a lovely newborn child…


Coloring test background…


k, you’re nuts.

but nice pic :thumbsup:



hey Michael… freak idea!! I like a lot…:buttrock: keep it up!


Really [color=yellowgreen]freaky :twisted: Great work man ! [/color]


:thumbsup: cool! storng hand u have! nice designs! good skills in 2d too! will check ur updates!


Nice! it’s proceeding forward!

But the “feelers/antennas” on the kids face looks somewhat missplaced, but it’s
just a personal feeling. If I may suggest how I would place them; you have lots
of animals (theme) and to make the kid more like an animal, I would make the
“feelers/antennas” more like a sheatfish. Here is 2 picture links I found on the web
that shows what I mean.


. . Anyway, it’s only a matter of taste . . = )


Thanks a lot everybody! Appreciate it…
MoonFever Thanx! I know what you mean, but that’s not what I’m trying to do, the “feelers/antennas” I mean. Kid is not gonna be some kind of animal… The animals are in the mind of this woman, cause I’m trying to make the thought beautiful “with a twist”, like a sweet little mouse (cute)(killed by a needle), a colorfull bird (touchable but also not), a butterfly (nature finest insect IMHO), etc.
Glad you like it tho…