Spectacular 2D Entry: Michael van den Bosch


This concept I think I’m gonna stick with. It’s about “them” planning a war, with these massive brains hanging upside-down, transporting the information they need on how we communicate and think. These massive ‘thinkers’ bring all the info on how to destroy every planet.


sweet buBblez, u muss be a nanNy !



Eggs look kinda cool :thumbsup:

But not as spectacular as the previous entry. What are you planning there? :eek:


Cool sketches. Your current concept’s pretty intriguing. I’m curious as to how you’re gonna make this alien scene spectacular since we wont know right away that these are brains that are gonna be used against the human race… All we’ll see are alien heads hanging upside down in the picture. Actually, I thought they were alien bombs that are about to be dropped on earth or something… Those things they’re hanging on looks pretty sensitive to carry that kind of weight. Just some thoughts. Keep pushing!


I like your first concept very much! Beautiful lighting!! And I think mayby you should try to enlarge the sculpture of the fountain, do it more massive and at the same time keep it’s unusual and dynamic form??? Good luck!!


Here’s my newconcept called “thoughts”. There will be a lot on this girls mind…


wow, that’s cool too, so what’s it gonna be that flyes out of the head? I hope no perverted thoughts :scream:


Here’s an update, the skull of the girl is gonna be very bloody, trying to create that exiting scary look. With dead things and/or torn up things flying around her head, pieces of rusty barbwire along those curly lines… The expressions on the faces have to be strong to get it more exiting… What the h3ll 'she thinking?!


Good Luck to you too !

Hey nice characters ! I like he concept of the girl in the waterfall


Update on the coloring…


Are you going to compete with squibit in concept sketch challenge?


Hey Mate! Lots of good drawings here in your post! Hard to pic the best… Wish you luck!


I like the colorscheme a lot but I’m not so sure about all that blood coming from her open head.


Here’s another concept I was thinking of…


funny :bounce:


i like your characters design, good luck


Hehe, can’t decide what direction to take eh…? :stuck_out_tongue:

Great sketches and amazing character design in the second sketch and fountainconcept…I’d go for some alternate version of that fountain theme, since your strength lies mostly in character design (doh, as a character designer ;)), with something added to make it more spectacular.

Good luck, again. :slight_smile:


I can tell this is going to turn out great! I love the colours… Well done! :thumbsup:


It´s good to see you´re making so many experiments and having so may ideas!

I don´t know if that´s the kind of comments you are expecting, but i would say i like best the “Sunset” idea, with the roller skate jump and all. That can be transformed in a very beautifull and awesome scene.

Good luck and keep working, man!


coloring WIP update. Trying to get a feel of creepyness and freakyness. Excite people.
‘Wicked thoughts’ so to speak.