Spectacular 2D Entry: Michael van den Bosch


Update on Mother Nature concept…


Vahn, 9mmParavalerium: … thanx!
duddlebug: Yep, you’r right! Chars are in crowd… Not sure 'bout the concept tho, maybe I’ll chance, thinking of something different. Thnx! :slight_smile:
Jose Pardo: Thank you, appreciate it!
Art2: Ok dan! Cheers!
coCoKNIght: Yes, for the first concept, but brainstorming on something totaly different already! Thanks…
walrus: Thanx for that comment. Point taken, gotta have more dept, totaly agree. :thumbsup:


very cool awsome colors, very strong, I think I would shorten up the sky a bit but that’s just personal preference, graet pic lot of dynamic
cheers :thumbsup:


Not happy yet, so, new concept…


your sketches are very cool, this last one is very cute & have a lot of potencial if you develop it. Good luck


Your skater is great. Mother Nature is absolutely mind boggling! You already got at “Whoa! What the . . .” Great concept and very much appreciated originality.

La’Dene Bean


hahaha, great piece, nasty pets, cute cutie and wonderfull mood! :applause: :cool: :beer: keep on rocking, supercute new concept!


Slightly change of color…


Thanx for those comments folks! Keeps me going… :thumbsup:


Very nice colors, and love your drawing style


Haha that’s a very cool sketch Michael, I like the girl, awesome style.
However I don’t really see the spectacular theme yet, is it maybe because there’s a naked chick in it? haha. I think you still need some brainstorming on how to make it more spectacular, but it’s looking really great allready!


very beautiful.I want to learn to draw like this :smiley:



but it’s not that spectacular yet, put some chili it that picture! :wip:


concept update…


hi, cool change to the fountain! how about some greens covering those stones arround the pool & the fountain statue!? i dont know where you going with it, but seems like to much empty space on top image, you could have one more little monster on top of the statue, keep up:thumbsup:


The left ear of the creature in the foreground doesn’t look all that nicely placed. It ends on pretty much the same line as the corner of the fontain (hope this makes sense), and that’s not really that ideal, in my opinion.

You did a great job though, particularly on the water :thumbsup:


Great!! i like a lot the lighting and your stile … I’m relly having fun with your drawings …

Keep it up …


Realy beautifull colors & lighting, You will interest us, good luck!


This is really cool i love the unique style and nice lighting keep em comming!

K Guevara.


Just showing some of the progress, the floor is gonna be this detailed all around and so is the sky, but can’t tell you guys to much tho. Starting with the Line Art soon…