Spectacular 2D Entry: Michael van den Bosch


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Hey man, welcome! veel plezier en succes :scream:


Here’s my first Concept Sketch. Came to this idea, when I was brainstorming on the word “extreme”. The sunset I think makes the image more spectacular, cause of the bright light and reflections coming of the buildings.


thanx for yours encouragements good luck and have fun.


i think this is good idea, but some change of the view would be of help…something more dynamical with more close-ups…this outlook do not obtain the importance of the event.



I just saw your work and as a inliner my self i think it is a great WIP drawing

keep up the good work

PS: i think you should add some more movement to the inliner to give it more the aperance of speed

ciao Raul


Very fresh idea!:bounce: Nice sketch. Good luck


hiho michael … welcome to the challenge :slight_smile:

the sketch looks pretty cool … i like the angle :thumbsup: altough you might reconsider as i saw art2 and some others with similar concepts


:thumbsup: MichaelMotion,
nice approach and welcome to the fun-challenge.
i like this extremesports-theme
lood guck to ya ! :beer:


True, there are more similar concepts around here, but if you’re ok with that I would say go for it cause you got a pretty strong sketch here, very cool character and the sunset works really well, you have a great style!


Versi4n: Thanx!

asparta: Thank you, yes I know, just made a quick sketch :shrug:

LostPen: Appreciate it, glad you like it…

Hof: Thanks!! You too! :slight_smile:

Vahn: Thnx! I went to Art2’s sketch and posted a reply that I am sorry… I hope Art2 don’t mind to much… I’ll have some new brainstorming to do…

comaone: Thank yooouuuu!

Rudeone: Bedankt! Yeah, I know, but I’d like my idea to be different from others, so, I guess, I’m going for a new concept! :slight_smile:


Made some character sketches…


wow … i love that style ! great sketches :thumbsup: the dog is hilarious :smiley:


Great style :applause:


Haha… love the dog!!

Are these characters for the ‘jump’ image? Are they gonna be the crowd? Is that why the dog looks so concerned…?

Good luck!


Your characters are awesome, not crazy about the guy jumping off the building though, I think it needs to show just how high he is, but your drawing style rocks!


Hey Michael, very nice characters and cool concept :wink:
Don’t worry me having the same idea, 'cos, well, I might end up doing something completely different :slight_smile:

Gewoon door gaan, gek! :thumbsup:


hey mm, glad you joined, your new avatar is super cool by the way. I’m looking forward to see all your milestones!
Are those character sketches still for the first concept? Or is there something new breeding already? :slight_smile:


Nice character sketches, but I too, like everyone else, is wonderring whether they’re for the jump or something else.

As for the jump, it’s a good idea but could use some refinement. His position feels more like he’s landing, not taking off, so it looks like he has no chance at all of making it. While the sun and skyline are pretty, perhaps a higher camera looking down more would convey more of a feeling of height and vertigo, making the actual action more spectacular.

Either way, you have a nice sketch style, and it’ll be fun to see how your piece develops. Good luck!



Tried a new concept.
Named it “Mother Nature”. The fire-demon will be as big as two skyscrapers and will leave a path of destruction with little houses still burning behind him. He’s running from a heavy rain cloud-demon, throwing down bolts of lightning. Mother Nature always finds a way, she will not get burned!
C&C welcome