Spectacular 2D Entry: Michael Lee


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Latest Update: Final Image: Canyon


I very quickly roughed out a general idea for my painting


I didn’t like the perspective on the drawing so I changed it.


I still wasn’t satisfied with my composition, and there really wasn’t anything interesting about it. So I brought the camera all the way down into the canyon so that I could show the great waterfall in the background and paint really nice texture on the tree and house that are in the foreground.


I took the final composition and I painted some color keys.


This is the beginning :slight_smile:


I thought it might be nice to add a spiritual entity from the lantern.


I was wrong. The previous version conflicted with the waterfall, so I removed it.


Looks very nice. Bigger version please :]


yea dude, nice thumbnails tho



Nice scene… Good values and colors.
Too bad it i so smal, can you upload a bigger version ?


This seems really nice but we don’t see many thing with such small pictures.


This is my final. I decided to completely change the center bridge and pump up the branches.


I find that some of the most “spectacular” events occur in nature. I did my best to display the silent war between trees and the graceful drapery of waterfalls.


It’s a shame this went so unnoticed, it’s really well done!!! best of luck for the final judgment;


Hahaha… i’m not sure it’s gone ‘unnoticed’… it’s just all been posted today!

And it’s a lovely piece of work!

Beautiful colours and rendering and i’m a big fan of wonkification and this does it brilliantly. :slight_smile:


Tis is ridiculous!! Just admire your talent!! My god~ great artpiece!!:love:


I want a print… i saved to my hard disk


This is great image, I did not even see this entry, good luck!:thumbsup:


wow! you are fast! very nice work, i like the mood of it, reminds me when i was young ans saw “The lion king”.
good luck :thumbsup: