Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Very nice work. I love the giant’s dainty care of his flower. Very nice! :bounce:


Welcome back matt, good to see some progress from you, I will wait to see what you are going to do next, good luck!:thumbsup:


Hi Matt!

Man, I’m loving this piece! good idea on pushing the kids into the shadow. lovely!


I like the worm :wink:

As has been said countless times: Most inspirational.

I’m only just getting into using different brushes with a drawing tablet instead of my little round mouse, so watching this thread as well as those of several other accomplished practitioners out there, for as many hints & tips as I can glean - more WIPs! (…and I will rob your talent, heh[/wannabe picasso]).


ow,lookat that,lovely!:smiley: nice facial expressions and colors are dead on!:D:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: Great work as always Matt

Refreshing to see something so different from the way most have interpreted the challenge brief (including myself).

Love the colours and composition

Looking forward to see how this develops… :applause: :applause:


Great comp!:bowdown:

Cant wait, so hurry up!


What’s not to like, great story telling, I can’t wait to see the final.


Not had much time for this lately, but I should have the chance to move it along this week. In this update, I’ve begun working my way around the coloured sketch, just tidying things up where necessary - removing any linework or messy brushmarks etc.


Glad to see you back! Go man, GO! :bounce:


I love the image. Your choice of colors is wonderful and compliments the mood nicely. Good Luck


Nice to see that you are back in the competition mr Dixon, the characters are nice and the colors seem to highten the mood, good luck man!


Warm and fuzzy…
It’s wonderful! :bowdown:


its great to see u back :slight_smile: its so great wathicng u doing ur magical painting. good luck so u’ll finish in time this piece!


Awesome work, I set your last update as my background. Can’t wait to see some more progress!


hi hi

Very lovely colors, the whole palette has a very munsel quality to it that gives it a lot of balance. My only critiques would be that there are a few lines on the children’s hands and hair that seem like they could be smoothed out a bit, like the lines in the creatures hands. The creature has some nice darks which have both sharp and ambient qualities at the same time.


This is pretty cool, its spectacular without being extravagant


this is one of my favourites for sure!
the innocence and fantasy of this picture is really what you can call Spectacular.
I don’t think I have anything to criticize about it for now. The composition is good, the characters are very expressive and the mood is really good too.
I`m looking forward to see it finished!


beatifull and poetic very sweet colours & lovely composition congrats!!


All tidied up ready for rendering and details.