Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


looks better for my opinion, it does make a separation between the foreground and background so you succeed what you tried to do :slight_smile:


Walrus - Haha - just read your post, Mike! Great minds think alike, eh? ( Or are we fools that seldom differ? :wink: ) I obviously agree with what you suggested - was that the kind of thing you meant?

Arctis - Thankyou. I’m going to try and explain what I’ve done at each update as I did in the M&S challenge. It was interesting for me to read back and see what I’d done!

ori@r.a.m - You sneaked in while I was replying to your previous post! Thanks for coming back, and I’m glad you like this colour scheme. I’ll try to find time to tidy this one up a bit this weekend and then make a decision on which to start work on.


Haha what a beautiful and clean idea:) lol I love the big guy face. The light´s coming along great!Did you think about giving depth to the background?

Good luck, Matt!



cool, this needs an entire book of illustrations and story to follow! You know, i think the purple is a great push against it’s complement, the yellow, and i wouldn’t change it. Can’y wait to see this take form! Nice work so far


i love the color choice. i think its dead on. warm greens in the middle… teal and cooler greens farther back… and purples in the front with a bit of blue… good stuff… i couldnt of picked it better myself. dont fiddle with it too much now :stuck_out_tongue:


Just found Your entry and it is sooo cute. Nice idea and I love expresion of the giant. gr8 and good hunt.


hello matt!! very nice stuff!! so cute!!:slight_smile: i love your work!! so far than mine…but so nice!! i prefer the tea idea than this one…keeep goin’on man and good luck!:thumbsup:


Expertly handled! Love the highlights on the girls hair already. : )


Hey MattDixon. Love the simplicity and gentleness of what your presenting here. Seems you found the solution to the main problem of your piece. Everything’s just gonna slide in place from here on. Perhaps some streaks of sunlight hitting the foreground characters might add to the idea that they’re hiding. Make it seem like they’re camouflaged or something. It might even be an interesting way to highlight their expressions. Just some thoughts. Goodluck :thumbsup:


The contrast between purple and green seems a good way to detach the foreground from the background. As you said, purple is too concentrated : green reflects would surely help to melt these 2 ambiences.


Great working as always. I like colors and lightning very much, yxou are one of my favourites
in this challenge :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for being such a fanboy right now, but I just couldn’t resist posting just to say YOU ROCK! I love this concept,the simplicity, and the interaction between the kids. I love the little watering pot and the gardening fork. I love the contrast between giant ogre and his unexpectedly kind, gentle nature that is shown. :love: You are an inspiration to me!


heheh very beautiful !


I like the way you seperate the background and the foreground. It’s lookin, great so far. I look at all the phases of your work and I like your technique. Maybe, I will try to apply it on my at the next contest. For now I’m too far in my work to reconsider experiencing with your technique. But i’ll try it.:slight_smile:

good luck again!


this is fantastic! it’s so childlike and imaginative!


that’s so cute! what’s happening to you, Matt?? Where the grimy stuff? :-p


great poses and frame. It’s cool! I love this big guy - he’s so cute xD Very emotional picture - I really love it. Hope that your work will profit to you. I keep thumbs for progress. Youre my black horse of the chellenge :thumbsup:


great clors ! waiting to see the final result!
I think just that the middle colors could be warmer, but just a little. To give more contrast.


WOW ! thats really Cool ! Very gentle and beautiful colors! [size=2]

And the small watering can so [size=2]Pretty :slight_smile:



Aw, Matt! This is soooo adorable! I just love the giant’s face, I dont think you coul have pinned the expression any more perfectly than you have. I think you could maybe work on the characters on the kids, the giant is so bursting with originality and you get a real sense of he sort of personality he has, that the kids look a little bland in comparison. It wouldn’t have to be anything huge, a little something in the hair style, or freckles, something like that to make the kids more like individuals.

And with a slightly less immediate transition between green and purple, I think thats a great way to emphasize the two depths, and the idea of a night time scene gives you a sense that the kids have perhaps snuck out of thir bedrooms to catch sight of this!

But absolutely gorgeous artwork. Putting this sort of stuff on the front of kids book would sell lke hotcakes. Heck… I’d buy it!