Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


hey matt :slight_smile: great sketches, i love the concept.
i think that the new angle add a little more interest for the picture so go on with that.
looking forward to this :thumbsup:


Cute update :slight_smile:

I really like the composition in this one, but I like more the magic in the oldr one… but that’ll most probably change when you put on details or color.
I also like new activity and design of the man :slight_smile:


hi bro.
it seems really so pretty. an other different looking side to spectacularity. congratulations.


There’s a few little details still to add, but this is my ‘lineart’ milestone. Here we go!


really great mood, i’m jealous this looks like very fun to do, mine is just an headache :shrug:


Looking good, Matt! No crits to add, just find the time to finish it! :slight_smile:



hehe… lovely :smiley: maybe, just maybe… u could show that in the next moment some small branch will brake while the girl will slip on it, or step on it… or something… and that it will be cleary seen that that big guy will discover the kids. And the viewer will be asking himself what will happen next :slight_smile: just some thoughts while wathing ur pic (thats says a lot about it, making my imagination flying away for a moment). great work!


hey Matt, cool Image… I can’t wait to see more… good luck!:thumbsup:


those are lovely sketches, :applause:
I like the latest one the most, pretty cool mood, great job with the value :thumbsup:


Nice work so far! I like your drawing style. I’ll keep an eye on your work!

Good luck!:thumbsup:


Wow. I really like this pic. I can’t wait to see it painted up. I loved your M&S pic so I hope this one will be on par. Keep up the great work.


You have a really nice loose style to your art, and you have captured the story and the expressions really well. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the colour in this one :slight_smile:


a lovely image matt~i’m looking forward to this!keep it coming mate:)


Here I’ve taken the line art milestone’s value sketch and set it up as a ‘multiply’ layer in Photoshop with the opacity pulled down to around halfway. Underneath, I quickly lay down some broad areas of colour with a big soft brush. I use mid to dark tones as I find it much easier to work ‘towards the light’ when the rendering begins.


Once I’m happy with the basic layout of colours, I flatten the image and begin to work into the pic. First step here is just to tidy things up a bit, figuring out where I want hard and soft edges and placing a few marks to remind myself where I’ll need to place details. I’m a bit worried about the seperation between the foreground and background at this stage, but I’m hoping that will be solved as I continue to refine things.


Oh, I forgot to say thanks for the encouragement. ‘Thanks for the encouragement!’ :smiley:


really nice colors, i love the way this pic is going to… looking forward to some more details :thumbsup:


Thanx for describing your process, it’s always inspiring to read how pictures from other artist are made. ( me too, I use to put my lineart in multiply mode, then color it under on a new layer ; But you flatten your image much earlier than me.)
Nice color scheme already, I’m curious to see the step by step of your coloring process.
Good luck.


I’m a bit worried about the seperation between the foreground and background at this stage

Perhaps a brighter background, especially in the area abround the troll and his flower, leaving the 2 characters and the foreground trees on all sides as more of a framing mechanism? Anyhow, just an idea…



I was looking at the uplighting to the old man’s face and decided to try and emphasize it a little more. While I was fiddling around, I tried a blue tint to contrast with the warm glow from the flower and it struck me that this might be a good mechanism to seperate the foreground and background. I’m not sure about having the scene at night, but having the kids hiding in the shadows like this adds to the mood of excitement a little. This is a pretty crude tweak ( the purple on the kids is too much ) but overall I think I prefer these colours - any thoughts?