Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Checking through some of the entries, since i had seen ya in the daily sketch group thought i might see what you were up to with the Spec. Challenge. Some nice ideas and concept sketches there. Reminds me that i am going to have to get some more ideas out there, if nothing more than some quick sketches.


i have reviewd all entries in search of spectacular and this entry keeps pulling me back to come and see it, its just magical how u caputred the childhood discoveries since the giant migth not even be real but u can bet that they are looking at him and its spectacular this is one of he few entries that are capturin an spectacular moment rather than an spectacular scenario or machine or monster…and this challenge is about the moment…simply great

it would also help if u gave the kids a im looking at something espectacular expression rather than the one they have… and also u could try a profile scene so u can show them looking at the giant and not hiding, u can do that iin the actual perspective but their back is what we will see nice peace

so far u are the winner to me


I always love your style, so unique and innocent. I really like the concept so far!


Nooooes we’re all doomed! He’s back for the Grand Prize! :smiley:
really like that last concept sketch! :thumbsup:
Aaaand, you should start with seeing “My neighbor Totoro”


Hi Matt. I love the last concept. I’ll close to see whats happend with the developed fro that one.

Nice sketches. Good luck.
xbo :scream:


Tidying things up a bit. I think I’m going with this idea, but I’m not quite sure on the composition - this one has the kids in the background.


Wow, your ideas are insane. Where do you get your concepts from?? sci-fi this sci-fi that, then BANG, old man in a forest drinking tea?! Love it, love it, love it.
Personally i prefer aspects of the 1st composition. The trees in the foreground made you feel like the old dude was sat in a clearing in the middle of a forest rather than perhaps at the edge of it. Also the kids seem like a bit of an afterthought in the 2nd, all shoved away in the corner as they are. Anyway, WIP i know and im positive you’ll knock em dead in the end… I’ll be back for sure.


Thanks, Kieran. I completely agree - the previous composition places the viewer ‘with’ the children which I think works much better. This version gives me a better opportunity to show the expression on the kid’s faces but it hides most of their bodies, which can also be very expressive. On balance, I’m definately with the first idea. Still thinking, though…



hey man,i like that a lot…but,why did you change the children position, the other way it looked more mystical…my opinion, anyway its beautiful.

sorry my english…


I think that the first composition was better, too. But as a fan of yours, I really look forward seeing your illustration being created.


Hi Matt. Sorry but there are something wrong with your light. The coffepot or teapot and the cake have to much light and thats disturb when i want to see your picture. I thing you lost a little bit the depth in your picture.

The shadows or the lines under the tea towel are really to dark and they give a sense that are flying or they are totaly other object in your scene.

Just only my point of view.

xbo :scream:


Very-very nice! :thumbsup: Enchantment atmosphere. I`m waiting to see it in colours. Good luck


Very Nice Matt! I agree with the others that the previous POV is better. I love all the little detils and expression that you add, like the little caterpillar/worm on the rock.


wow looking great! i really love your works man, i’m keeping an eye on this one :thumbsup:


hm… it feels less spectacular than the previous sketch, where the kids were in front. why? I think its because if the kids r in front, we r geting the feeling of a surprice as they do, while discovering this creature… its excitment! but in ur last sketch, there is a feeling as we r with this creature all the time and we r already used to it. If u understand what I mean… :slight_smile:


Lov the previous sketch Matt go with that one!:thumbsup:


Such a sweet image, I can see that kids coming across this delightful tea party would be very spectacular…cant wait for the colour.

Just a suggestion his face is looking up to the faeries maybe his eyes looking towards the children as if he knows they are there…and maybe a look of surprise on their faces…just some thoughts…:thumbsup:



hello matt why are you not posting…i really liked this image…post post post:bounce:


Hi Matt. How you doing?. Matt what’s going on?. Why you don’t update your work?.
I like your work specially like the other guys, the previous one is more interesting.

Come on Matt… keep posting.

xbo :scream:


Been busy with other things for a while, so I’ve not looked at this for a few weeks. When I came back to it, I decided I really didn’t like the composition. Here’s a really quick attempt to make it more interesting - lowering the camera to place the viewer even closer to the kids and to partially occlude the scene beyond ( which is intended to communicate the ‘peeking out’ that the children are doing ). I’ve also changed the design of the old man a little and given him an activity. I’m not sure if I’ll stick to gardening, but I want something that’ll introduce a focal point somewhere near the centre of the pic ( the flower in this case ) as there could potentially be quite a few things competing for the viewer’s attention here. There’s still some balancing to be done, but I like this one much better. The previous sketches look very dull by comparison. Opinions on the change gratefully received.