Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


hi mr.dixon. great work you have started here. cant wait to see what you have in store for us this time around :smiley:


Matt Matt Matt… why do you torture me? I want to live in your worlds but I can only look at the snapshots you paint. :frowning: jk, good job man, I know youll tear this one up. Ill have much more to say down the line. Good luck mate.


looking great… indeed ur style is very unique. good luck to you. :slight_smile:


Damned. I love this sketch. It’s more I was waiting for. Is it completely in the theme ?, Well I think with a big ambience as you always do, it will be good. :slight_smile:


Lovely sketch, Matt! He looks so serene with his cup of tea…

And the boy and girl are dead cute! The little ‘shhh’ works brilliantly.


OHhh geez, that is sooo cute!!!


hehe. Im already amazen and u gave us just a sketch! Once again that contrast between big and small and I just love that in ur artworks. I’ll checking ur thread with pleasure! good luck :slight_smile:


Yay Matt dixon on the attack!
Ive been on the lookout for your entry, but i mustve missed it until now.
I much prefer the latest idea. The cityscapes were great, but this has much more originality. Makes me think of my neighbour totoro a bit as well.



Love this last concept of your’s. Reminds me of Studio Ghibli’s “My neighbour Totoro”. Great work!


It´s a very beautiful sketch but I think the content gives more an arcane impression rather than a spectacular. The previous sketches conveyed a much more spectacular impression in my opinion.




Thanks a lot for the positive feedback, kids. I agree that the ‘spectacular’ might not reach out of this image and tweak your nose right away but there’s nothing that says that pic itself has to be spectacular in scale or scope ( though there are many entires that are which I couldn’t hope to compete with ) as long as the spectacular is in there somehow. Trying to make it work quietly on a small scale appeals to me, so I think I’m going to persevere with this concept, or a variation thereof.

Bobby - Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it’s my own daft story. :slight_smile:

Beelow - Actually, I’m not happy with the composition. It feels a bit too symmetrical to me. That’s probably what I’ll work on next.

NinjaASSN - Yes, I was worried that the big / small thing might be a bit too similar to my M&S entry, but I think this image will have a different flavour in the finish.

am7 - I lot of my work has been compared to Studio Ghibli’s work. I really must get around to watching one of their movies one of these days…!


Oh, you’re kidding, you haven’t seen of them any of them?! For shame! Well, at least you’re in for a giant treat!

Great sketch. It made me chuckle. All fo the characters are adorable… Good luck with it!



nice ideas… good luck mate:thumbsup:


Yeah, it does seem symetrical when you look at it, making it for a not as interesting compo, maybe move the big guy off to the right of and putting the cildren behind the the tree of the left! I don’t what else I can suggest to make this piece even better, although it is frame well! I guess I will have to wait to see what you do in the next image, I will be waiting Matt, good luck!:thumbsup:


What a touching episode! :thumbsup: Very much it is pleasant to me.
Probably it not so spectacular, however touching


some great ideas you have come up with…will be watching :slight_smile:


its good to watch how you progress through ideas, and certainly beneficial for amatuers. i think that the last one is the best so far, i like the idea of a quite and peaceful spectacle. i’m looking forward to more :thumbsup:


I initially thought that the old man was a small-ish giant(?!) who the children had left the tea out for - maybe you could make the old dude much much bigger and the teapot much smaller. Spec-teacup-ular!
Amazing sketches - I’m glad you’ve chosen this last idea and… suitable fawning-grovelling noises


Avatarist - Cheers. It’s really helpful to hear what people’s first impressions are.

Thanks to everyone else for the encouragement, too. I doubt I’ll have time to spend much time on this for a few weeks now - I guess it’ll be interesting to see how this idea ‘feels’ when I come back to it. 'til then!


:smiley: This is really cute! I really like it.

Good luck!