Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Atmospheria - Hi, Emrah. Thanks for dropping by. I’m looking forward to seeing your piece develop - it’s looking really strong!

Tonsen - Food for thought, much appreciated.

Thanks, everyone. I don’t have time to reply individually, but I really appreciate the encouragement! :slight_smile:


Hey Matt,

Good to see you here, I just entered the contest myself… since ive never participated in a cgtalk.com challenge… between this and tdome round 2 and work… im wearing myself out lol but hey… its damn fun =D lol

your 3 sketches all look great, not sure which would be the most "spectacular or “original” but I think that you’ll figure it out in the end since you seem to want to go the “epic” route and try for a landscape/environment piece which I would love to see from you. Two words…or rather “three” to keep in mind… dynamic, depth, action. I think I usually see character art from you but I know you’ll bust out something beautiful in the end :wink:


Your sketch are going well, MAtt. Nothing to crit on drawing of course…
On subject, I thought the 1st sketch was a little to classic to be spectacular. The 2nd one is the more spectacular I think. The last one (3rd) is really great in term of composition and “strenght of the event”. MAybe it had to have more closer character or action to make it more impressive.

Great work asual.:thumbsup:


Great battle scene wonderful action :thumbsup:


Mr. Dixon, fancy meeting you here (evil glare).

Your ideas are great, cool sketches. I’m partial to some of the sci fi stuff, but your epic battle is cool too. Can’t wait to see more.


Hey Matt, great sketch, but spectacular is not only about the large scale. Think again!!!:slight_smile:


Hi Matt,

Great concepts. :slight_smile: As I see it there are two static parts, the lineup of the army versus the city, so maybe a dynamic activiy/happening that involves both elements would turn this piece spectacular and turn it different from other fantasy battle settings. :thumbsup:



Hi Matt,

the last sketch looks very promising. Maybe a well known topic but you can give it an individual touch by the design of the buildings and the army in the foreground. I also liked the second sketch. the vertical composition with the diagonal horizonline and the interesting environment could be a very good foundation for a spectacular image.




A little more noodling with the battle scene. I think the extra time has confirmed that this isn’t the kind of concept I’m after. Hmm…


You might be right > this topic is linked to much of LoTR. But never the less another cool sketch.



I know you’re only working stuff out Matt, but this is top! The White Tower, yeah! But lovely stuff!! :slight_smile:


wow…excellent sketch.I feel great battle near here.:smiley: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


lika a lot those shades of gray…nice compo…superb atmosphere…


There is nothing wrong with LotR! :smiley: well maybe there is :slight_smile: Anyway, cool pic and nicely atmosperic stuff also…I’m a sucker for open enviroments :> It’s a shame that we need to make character based image :slight_smile: (At least I think there needs to be a human(-iod) involved? I trust in Hear-say cause I’m too lazy to read the rules :smiley: Well maybe tonight I will read them.

can’t wait to see what is your winning concept :wink:


The last one looks great to me


i agree with the others, it is a bit lotr but a really great and emotional sketch. keep the mood and get another environment which feels more proper to you.

hope to see lots of great sketches and a stunning final image :slight_smile:


Great sketches - really like all the compositions!


Hmm, I’m not sure war is all that spectacular. The painting itself might become spectacular if executed well (and you certainly got the tallent), but IMO not the thing it portrays. I really hope you decide to go with some other idea. Good luck, Matt! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the input, chums. It’s really helping me to focus my ideas.

I really didn’t notice the similarity with the Battle of the Pelennor Fields until I sat back and looked at the sketch. Dumb, eh? I’m no fan of the recent movies, though enjoy the LotR books very much, but either way I don’t want to create a pic that has such a close connection with any existing imagery so I feel as if I can leave this concept behind quite happily.

Generally, I think I’m in agreement with Plagiarism that war and conflict aren’t all that ‘spectacular’ so I’m going to see if I can’t come up with something a little different.


Good luck! Not that you need it :smiley: