Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


Yes, looks whos here, one of my favorite artists, welcome Matt, you are going get challenged, I am going to have to handycap you make you draw with your other hand mwahahahaha:twisted: good luck Matt!


It’d already a sucper cool painting :slight_smile: Amazing perspective, kudos to you!



now that enayla’s a judge yr one of the remaining top contenders we need to take a tyre iron to if we want any chance of a prize!!
ha just kidding. Looks really cool already.
You get to compostional success so quickly “oh just a quick lunchtime doodle in my spare time!!” haha
anyway. nice stuff, fan of your work already. good luck for this challenge, though i know you wont need it :slight_smile:


da-da-da-Dixon! Legend . . can’t wait to see what you come up with this time.


Now this is going to be truly spectacular. I know it. Good luck Matt :smiley:


Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. Here’s another idea, which I’ve already abandoned but included for completeness. This is a tricky challenge.


Dang, you are fast Matt. This is so nice. Cool lighting and definitely an epic feel :thumbsup:


Ah, best of luck to you again Mr Dixon, as a master of epic, I have no doubts your final piece will live up to the challenge title. And I’d give my left arm to be able to scribble like you do.

Definitely feeling the first concept more, but as you’ve already stated you’re not following the second through, it’s kind of redundant.


hell yeah that is dope, I am waiting to see what you are going to do next, holla!:thumbsup:


That is excellent. Superb!


A generic fantasy concept, to follow two generic sci-fi ideas. I’ve always wanted to paint a huge battle scene, and it’d be interesting to tackle something in landscape aspect for a change, so I might play around with this one a little bit. It still feels desperately unoriginal, though - maybe I’m approaching ‘spectacular’ from the wrong angle?


Oh! looks like a shot from a movie, unoriginal!? no way, got loads of potencial to me.
Great skills, your ability to draw is making me nervous!:eek:


oh yes that is hot, that is amazing. I can’t wait to see how well you pull this off!:thumbsup:


Nothing but great! Really cool concept… About being original, of course these big battles have been repeated through the past years of movies like LOTR, Alexander and so on… Its still a very broad theme, so there is plenty of room to make it your own… :slight_smile: Im sure it will be spectacular!


You make me wanna make grayscal painting for the rest of my life and into the next life. Then reality hits me…
I suck. Lol.
Keep it up.:wise:


Nice scribbles mister Dixon!
Keep scribbling, some of these days you’ll discover what’s spectacular. No doubt. Success garanteed :slight_smile:


Hey Matt! The last sketch is awesome man! It’s a spectacular scene to see for sure! Keep going!


Wow! Nice start Matt, best of luck can’t wait to see where you go with this.


Hey Matt!

Nah, this has a lot of potential of being spectacular! If you run with this one, here’s a few comments. I really like the silhouettes you’re establishing on the right. I want to learn the story of the warrior on the horse with the sword outstretched. So that’s very intriguing. Just a few questions you could think about. Are these guys going into battle or retreating from it…are we focusing on the city we’ve just reaked havoc to, the city the dragons are tearing up, or the city we’re fighting for, or the warriors we’re watching survive as they retreat from the city? It could go in a lot of directions…and pulling out a strong figure like that on the right I think is great. Also, there seems to be a lot of empty space on the top of the image…but lighting and color can bring us back down into things…but just letting you know it feels empty up there.

It’s a very fun sketch, and congrats for even generating a sketch you might feel is cliche or unoriginal. So often, what could develop into something great and original can not even be realized because of the fear of being unoriginal. Great job, and keep it up!


Really great value sketches you are crankin’ out here Matt. I am definitely subscribing. :thumbsup: