Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


“Pre-empting changes in your piece” sounds so forceful. I just offer the occasional observation here and there, and if you feel like it’s something that helps the piece, great! So I hope I’ve been more helpful and not forcing you down some other path…
that I’ve laid with traps…
and spikes…

(oops, sorry, got away from myself for a sec.)

But if you’re going to follow any of my advice, after this is all over, go rent some Hayao Miyazaki films, like ‘Totoro’ (most appropriate to this piece) or ‘Spirited Away’ or soemthing. Really, you should check them out!



Hehe… Walrus is right about Miyazaki! You should watch it! Maybe you already did, ahn? Watch again!


Great concept, great coloring and lighting. I read a lot of the comments and I think theres nothing else to say but good luck.


Getting close now. Just a few little things to tidy up and some balancing to take care of. I’m a bit worried that I’ve managed to kill the depth in the piece somewhere along the line, and it’s definately not feeling ‘right’ just yet. I hope I can solve those problems in the remaining hours.


We’re on the ground! We’re not quite ‘there’ yet, but I don’t anticipate any major changes from this point as the final tweaks are performed while we taxi towards the terminal.


nice one, Matt :thumbsup:



Looks great Matt… i love the fur on the old man of the woods… it’s got a beautiful glow.

Does ‘touchdown’ mean you’ve finished? Or have you got to taxi along the runway for a while?

eDit: u7m… ignore that last bit… i hadn’t read your comment. But don’t get lost on the runway. And pick up the right case from the carousel. Erm… um…


just love that gentle smile that big hairy one has, when he takes care of that fragile flower… :love: hopes for that your taxi get you there in time… :thumbsup:


You have achieve great mood in this image, good luck with this again, let see if you can make it better, holla!:thumbsup:


I often ask myself why there aren’t illustrators like you or others on the CGTalk when I was little (just about 25 years ago)! Romanian illustrators were too academic and entangled in clichees of school methods and realistic study of anathomy, making their illustrations look boring and boring and, guess what… boring again! I like your work presented here very much. Again, it makes me wanna read Andersen’s or Grimm’s or Jules Verne’s Stories again! Thanks for reminding me what was like then! And good luck in this challenge! :applause:


Great lightning and colors, I like new details very much too, keep iz up man! :slight_smile:


All done. I’ll return when I have a little more time to explain what I’ve been up to in these final few steps.


a wonderful picture Matt, congratulations


Here’s the finished painting. I know this ‘final image’ milestone should be accompanied by an explanation of the story behind the picture but I think artwork is much more entertaining when people draw their own conclusions about the background to a piece or, better yet, made up a story of their own that fits the image.

I suppose an explanation of why I chose this picture for the ‘spectacular’ theme is in order. When I started sketching out ideas for the challenge, I was exploring images that were spectacular in scale and presence, but the results weren’t satisfying. I came to realise that what I’d drawn wasn’t spectacular at all, just big. To me, it’s the quiet little spectacles which surround us every day, fleeting moments of wonder and excitement that we so often take for granted, that are truly spectacular. I’ve tried to capture something of that sensation in my entry.



ssshhh!!! good job Matt…good luckkk …shhhh:D


Absolutely stunning piece, Matt! The colors and the way you frame your scene is extremely well done. I also like your choice of theme very well, it stands out in a big way in this challenge and I hope the judges think so, too.

You’re really good at capturing interesting moments and and scenes in all your work. It’s a joy to behold! Best of luck to you!


Simple, but beautiful…

…your pics are always so well balanced - I wish I could do that! :frowning:


Very giddy moment you got here. “shh…” is such a simple expression, yet you found the spectacular aspect of it thru a child’s eyes. As always, awesome work man! :thumbsup:


Great artwork Mat!

Congratulations for finishing so shh… sensitive mood :arteest:

Good luck!


Great work !its-FAN! Murrrrrrrrrr!
Lake it!:bounce:

Good luck!:slight_smile: