Spectacular 2D Entry: Matt Dixon


And it all looks lovely and tidy…

I wanna see more detail!! Detail!! Detail!! I really like those colours too.

It’s looking like it’s gonna be another fab piece of artwork, Matt. Good luck getting all those details done on time…


Hurry, and finish this image, good luck Matt!:thumbsup:


Wow, I’ve missed this pic so far. This is a really charming piece. The color scheme is great. I cant wait to see it all detailed.


Really great interpretation of the theme. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.


Nice piece! I like it a lot, I really like the lighting and character in old man.


Updated my background :). Can’t wait for the details!


The boy looks a little creepy right now, but I guess that will change :slight_smile:

I love the work on the flower and the man :slight_smile:


Amazing piece, so much ternderness in it! Great concept! Can’t wait to see it finally coloured. :thumbsup:


It’s great man! I love your style and mood of the pic. Great idea too. Good luck!!!


Details are starting to go in; hair and bits of texture here and there and adding a little more interest to the background. I’ve quickly fudged in a rim light on the foreground plane to get an idea of how that affects the balance of colours - I’d expect the final to be more subtle than this one, but we’ll see how it pans out.

Sorry I’ve not been very chatty this time around - my energy’s having to go into the painting rather than typing! Many, many thanks for all the support though, it’s very interesting to read your comments and it really helps to keep me motivated.


Nice, nice, very nice :thumbsup:


It’s relly going on the impressive and impressive…
This is one of my favorities…
go on bro…


Really nice, Matt! I’m loving the texture on the fur, the shape and texture and lighting on the framing trees in the top corner… keep updating, I’m dying to see what you end up doing with the boy’s eyes. (I really liked the less realisting dots you had 2 or 3 pics ago!)

Good luck!



Ahahahaha, absolutely lovely, hahah i want a print of this image.

Great, i love this pic, and it´s spectacular… congrats

Good luck


“This is your captain speaking, ladies and gentlemen. We will shortly be beginning our descent…”

Heh. That’s the best way I can think of to describe the stage this is at now - most of the journey is behind us and the destination will shortly be coming into view. This is the most exciting part of the trip - let’s hope we don’t run into any turbulence on the way down!


Mike - :smiley: Just read your comment about the boy’s eyes. I agree about the more stylised face as you can see! Strange that a less realistic face with fewer details can sometimes be more expressive, don’t you think? My worry with the simplified faces was that I might not be able to render them with sufficient detail to match the rest of the image, but I’m pretty sure trying to stay true to the concept sketches is going to be the best route to take.

( Isn’t that the second time you’ve pre-empted a change in the pic? )

EDIT: Aw, man. How come I always seem to be posting my images at the end of a page?!


Keep up the great work man!


we’ll find and enjoy them! Coming along really nice, looking forward to the final. :bounce:


this one is one of my favorites. keep it up we all want to see the final image


Hope you have the time man! I wanna see your pic on the book! It´s great!