Spectacular 2D Entry: Martin Bland


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My first challenge, good excuse and kick up rear to get going on a high detail image, a sketch that i’ve been meaning to expand upon for a long time. I’ll expand upon the concept and idea behind it more as i go on, but the general feel is one of ‘it’s never too late to realise a different path’, that moment of realisation about your life and actions, plus i wanted to do a full battlescene without reference :). This is just a really rough sketch, going to even it out, add more of a vast feeling and generally push myself


Sweeeet start m8!

Wishing you the best of luck!


Interesting sketch… i like the light across the central character. And a battle scene could be incredibly spectacular. ARe you still planning on 'no reference?

Good luck!


wow I like the idea. The lighting looks great so far. Good luck with the challenge, nice to see so many people entering so quickly :slight_smile:


yep.looking nice!!


Hot dang, you move fast! :smiley: Great start!


How fast! nice colours so far. Good luck!


wow!!great sketch! wellcome to the challenge!!good luck!:smiley:


cheers mdears :applause: , mr duddle, tips hat, yep, i can pull off a reasonably ok face and stiff pose but getting life into my figures is something i need to work on, figured, do hundreds of em, in at the deep end, plus i reckon it’ll look better if i don’t start using odd face refs, keep it uniform and make it look like it was illustrated rather than super realistic, i will be consulting mirror for hands, i suck at hands :slight_smile:


wow! spyroteknik, I know it’s very early days yet for everybody’s sketches and far too early to judge but yours definitely stood out as having the most depth of feeling to it imo. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. :thumbsup:


amazing sketch. :thumbsup: have fun and best luck! :slight_smile:


Really nice first run!!!:thumbsup: Amazing sketch… keep the good work!


Looking smashing Martin. I think you were just about the first to get a piccy up! Might I suggest pulling the composition up a little, so we see even more sky…?


i like the illumination around the central character very much :slight_smile: i would suggest looking at some references, it really helps getting the details right and also show more of the background if possible.


thanks again for welcome (feels weird cos i haven’t posted here much due to my spectacularly lazy mindset), a little word about the idea, what springs to my mind when iconic, spectacular images are mentioned are the big battlescenes, the old masters, and the religious full scenes, figured i’d do a take on it, not even hoping to come close but i wanted to give it a shot, and with me not being particularly religious, battlescene it was, but i want to add a subtle dimension to it, not just blood & guts, put some meaning into it that draws the attention away from what’s spectacular, and into a more human emotional state, with the spectacular going on around what’s initially the more personal concept, such is life, enough pansy talk though, Aly, good call, am messing with it currently, i reckon if i do that, and start slowly dropping the focus down, widening out the scene it’ll look better as it goes, hopefully :), lotsa widdling to do


I like the start so far, looking foward to updates.


Wow! Great start so far, I can’t wait to see where it goes!



2nd draft, this is the same image, before i upped the contrast and added the nasty dodge, just starting to move things around a little, narrowed the canvas, gave it a little more sky, you can’t tell that much yet, but i want to see a sea of heads so the midground fella’s will be dropped down, perspective altered, but i want to get that middle strip balanced before i start ironing that out, working in lower contrast, want to add that as i go rather than play with curvetool at the end, only worrying about figure placement right now, i’ll work on lighting later, shoyuld have another one of these up tonight sometime (got a few hours free thisafternoon)


Nice Sketch man. I realy love it. good luck:thumbsup: