Spectacular 2D Entry: Marek Okon


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Latest Update: Final Image: Dogfight


I had this idea for a year or so… about war between massive army, with futuristic weaponry, and… wizards, with technological gadgets to aid them. In my mind i was creating space battles where sorcerer 10th level was put up against whole space carrier fleet. One man against leviathan of steel…

So this pic orginaly was suppose to be in space but… i thought that dogfight in planet atmosphere will be more… exiting and corolful :]

This is first stage of invasion on wizards word. Scene presents one of first dogfights between sorceress (level 5) and first wave of iterceptors.

Just a first “recon” concept sketch. COMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS MOST WELCOME!


dynamic feel, looks good.


Good composition. That explosion would probably silhouette the wizard nicely.


welcome and nice start. very interesting composition. will try and check the progress again.



nice composition, I love the dynamics of this painting, good Luck!:thumbsup:


Since its SPECTACULAR contest i thought “what the hell!” and I added whole invading fleet plus some burning city by the sea. Its kinda messy right now but I hope its not too much. I’ll poste fast colour version soon so you will se what I have in mind.

As usual im open for any suggestions ;]


goooooood, very high contrast!:eek:


nice concept:buttrock: will be a exelent work… take it up!:thumbsup:


Is it good or is it bad :smiley:
I know I know explosion si VERY bright but it just concept scetch - final image will be done again frome scrach, just based upon this one. I just have to plan whole picture first.


Wow, very impressing. The action is very well depicted in this image. Good pose and dynamic feel…this could become of one of my favourites in the end… keep going! :slight_smile:


whoa…man that is what the challenge is called…kickasss:thumbsup:


Really captivating.
I don’t know if i discerned all the things of this sketck but i really like it ! :slight_smile:
Good Luck.


Ok I really quickly added some colours over BW image. Its roughly resambles waht i have in my head, thou Im not so sure about colour composition… any advices?


Since some of you suggested that there is too much going on on this picture, that is kinda unreadable I decidet to reedit it. I moved time backward few seconds, before interceptor on foreground exploded - I lost some fireworks but gain more clearity… I guess. Whats your opinion?

If this pic is still not readable I have another idea of similar scene… just less action packed.

I need your support but I just dont know what to do to gain more of your attention… :frowning:



great pic , i like the metallic gleam and the big action

ps. Dude , there like multiple Marek Okons out there or
sumthin happen to your AirbOrn account??



Belive it or not but that is copletly different person :smiley: We have the same name (even in polish spelling) we both are digital painters but he lives in Canada and I live in Poland :slight_smile:



haha, cool, cuz i didn’t remember him living in poland and i got confused

carry on :thumbsup:



I like the one with the explosion better … and especially the first greyscale sketch because its more close up there . As to there is too much going on : I think the explosion is good maybe too many ships in the bg …especially in the upper left corner. thats just how i feel about it so dont take this as serious advice :smiley: other than that its a very cool pic so far :thumbsup:


Wow. I’m impressed! I like intensity of this scene. Powodzenia!