Spectacular 2D Entry: Marcel Baumann


Well done on the final image, very nice indeed…


You achieve to make the fact of a real dream understandable with a bog point of view and great artistic skills. So :bowdown:


That´s one crazy image Marcel. And what a great way of illustrating a nightmare.
Love the point of view!
Really like your entry. Good Luck!


great work :bowdown:


:thumbsup: U did really great job Marcel! I like it very much. good luck by judging.


:thumbsup: really great final image Marcel

truly spectacular…good luck in the judging :thumbsup: :applause:


Great work! Truly spectacular… And very succesfull in presenting the idea!

Congrats and good luck with judging! :slight_smile:


impresive…very impresive! i think your picture is one of the best in this challenge!



Looking through the whole field of entires, I agree with everyone here. This image is one of the most polished and exciting. I hope the judges reward you nicely for your amazing work.


I always liked your concept, nice job:thumbsup:


One of my favourite !
Excellent work, Marcel ! :applause:

Roman /Grin3d


Insanely kool image!

cheers, good luck.


Congratulation for your entry :applause: really a spectacular image, bravo !


greate concept, perspective and colours… this image is one of a fav imeges… :slight_smile: bye:)


Great final image :applause:

Good luck in the final vote :bounce:


I watched your earlier progress wondering how well you’d pull this image off. I’m glad to say, now I have the chance to catch up in these forums, that this is one of the few images that’s really stood out as original, impressive and eye catching. Your renderign of all the subjects is amazing, and the transition between the banal normalnes of the bedroom and the magnificence of the ship is very well done, the burning room was inspired! Congrats on finishing a great image, i wish you well in the judging process!


Best of luck to you marcel, congrats on a well executed image, c ya next contest!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Congratulations on finishing a truly outstanding piece! You handled a difficult subject excellently. Good luck to you in the judging.


I dont think I ever told you that I think your pic is THE winner. It got style, idea and details… Really impressive


Hey Marcel!! i see all works in 2d and 3d section, your work is the most SPETACULAR!
of entire contest…

Wonderful Idea ! Congratulations !!!