Spectacular 2D Entry: Marcel Baumann


Great idea and Fantastic work!!!


Fantastic!!! I dont know what to say except This Rocks!!! The concept, the composition, colors and execution are all spot on. Keep on doing what your doing cuz you’ve definitely got a winner.


What if there was a sailors hat/jacket on the bed post… or maybe a pin on the dresser telling you he’s a sailor… I think maybe if you further incorporate that, it would make the nightmare that much more interesting… Because honestly, who has dreams of oiltankers crashing into big damns…? Looks great though, my favorite of them all.


Great, execution on this image, the composition is nice and the image is well planned, definitely did not expect this image to come out this way, good luck marcel!:thumbsup:


Awesome! That’s spectacular~~


Hi! Your work astonish me more and more. I look forward to seeing your final image! Good luck! :slight_smile:


wow , for some reason I haven’t seen this one yet, but that’s some fantastic work :bounce:
pretty wild, I love it :buttrock:
keep it up, cheers :cool:


ups la… here a entry missed from the beginning :blush: … Marcel you idea is definitively a very spectacular image :applause: I’m really impressed… Didn’t read every messages but you last post looks very good, impressive details on the figure in the bes and great action scene on the boat crash… Bravo !



Great! great work man… details, colors and idea, everything in your work is so impressive! :thumbsup:


hello ,fire with snow,thats great!! ,big impact with the compostion ,and contrasts.it is really a great piece of work, of course great skill indeed:)


I have seen your final 01, well … your work is my favourite with no doubt.

Encore bravo !


Hey Marcel,

first of all very cool nightmare! great look!
moreover i have got a question concerning ya

I read ya took of a year and finally started to
study architecture - just like i did. why did you
choose to do architecture instead of some kind
of design course - which would give you more

I now think i made the right decision due to an
intership at a cool archvis studio - though i am
not quite sure if my school is the right place to be.

what kind of school or university is yours
what are your thoughts? why dont ya
study arts or design related stuff?



the feeling is… immense


Great picture! Looks like book cover. Good luck!


did you come with the id yourself or did ya take it after little nemo in slumberland?? , very old comic , that appeared in a newspaper early 20th century, funny thing is i once had to make such a work for one of my artteachers ,a comic where the characeter wakes up in bed in the last frame , very nice job anyway


Verry impressive :eek:

Good luck with your final image :bounce:


Great idea… and incredibly well executed!! The different scenes blend together beautifully.

I love the limited palette… it’s something i’m aiming for with my piece but with a much rougher render! :slight_smile:

Good luck in the judging, i’m sure you’ll be right up there!!


About the story:

Where you ever in a situation that you weren’t sure if it’s real or a dream?

The character is finding himself in an extreme situation where he can’t escape from. At this moment he is trying to break out of his dream but at the same time he is still covering his face from the heat and brightness of the fire.

The oil tanker that breaks through the dam moves the character into a surreal world. He stop to believe that he can survive but at the same time he is not accepting that it is real what he is seeing. And most important he is not accepting that he will die. Because there is still the possibility that it is a nightmare, he tries to break out of the dream whit all his mental force. Now he is between the two worlds. He is finding himself in the bed of the reality but simultaneously the fire of his nightmare is still surrounding him.

I choose “No Control” as title and as the name of the ship. First it explains that we don’t have the control of what we are dreaming, like the captain of the ship is not having the control over this oiltanker and crashes into the end of the ocean.
Like the earth is a plate and he is reaching the end of the world. That could be connected to the feeling of the character that think he is reaching the end of his world. But that last point is just an interpretation.

The feelings and experience in that very short moment of switching between this two worlds are the spectacular parts that I wanted to capture in that picture. I tried to integrate this idea into a spectacular visual impression of that dream to support the story and make the viewer feeling the same like the character on the picture.

Now I want to thanks everyone here that supported me and it was very cool to participate in that challenge.



hey! Thanks everyone for the comments. As I don’t have much time I answer just a few.

Keiphus : Thanks, If you go back to the first posts you will see that I had that idea but didn’t want to use it because now you can interprate the picture in more ways and there are more possible stories.
I think a human can dream of everything, and much much stranger stuff than an oil tanker that crashes into a dam:D

FelixMB : Of course you don’t have that much freedom if you study architecture. Not at the beginning as I know. But you learn much more about diffrent parts of the world, begin to understand it better, learn to work better, learn to realise complex projects and especially you learn to connect your knowledge and expand it in many very diffrent directions. Thats the reason why I study architecture and because I hade the possibility to do it. After you studied architecture you have a very good base and you can do alot more things. Later in life maybe you think that you could have choosen a better study or a more esier way or school but you never know where you will go in life. Study architecture is never wrong because I will change myself in 10 years and maybe I’m happy that I have more ways open. And alot of stuff you learned there you can use for concept art and painting. But the problem is that this study is really hard, not sure if I will did it, but If I decide to go into another direction after a year Im still very happy that I decided to start that study because in that short time Im study architecture I learned alot about myself, because I’m confrontated with problems I can’t solve easy. I’m confrontaded with stuff Im not good at and that is what makes you growing. But never forget your own path through life, use the study to grow and find your way. The study itself is not that important, what you learn for yourself is important. Maybe you don’t have much freedom when study architecture compared to an art school … but at the end I think you have more. And study architecture don’t mean that you need to become an architect.
(not easy to explain that in english… hope you understand:) )

kind regards

CL-FX : nemo in slumberland? very old comic, that appeared in a newspaper early 20th century? … man I’m 20 years old:D… lol, really I came to this dream idea by myself. Because dreams are an important part in my life.

Now I need to go and watch ALIEN 1 … and analyse it for a storybaord job.
thanks again for all of your comments. I had worked more on that painting if I could… but really… now there is 0 time … omg … its already that late:D :smiley:


Congratulations for finishing on time. It is a great and spectacular piece with lots of energy and movement and it definitely evokes lots of emotion. It is brilliant!

Good luck with it! :thumbsup: