Spectacular 2D Entry: Marcel Baumann


YOu haven’t given up yet, did you marcel? I hope to see that you will finish this contest!:thumbsup:


hi Marcel not much to say…great idea and scary if that will happen. good luck.


This is wonderful! I love it!! … great concept and execution… :buttrock:


thats so great to hear. hope you get back here soon and finnish your amazing piece. see you soon mate, here or in zurich for another ovomaltine :wink:


Thanks a lot for all of your comments. Finally I took some time and worked again on it. I worked on the rocks, trees, lighting, snow and experimented around with color balance, levels and blur. Now the next part would be to add details for the print version.


Hey, Great update! I like adding of new things, especially snow. Now it looks so spectacular :thumbsup: Keep on rocking!


looks fantastic, keep it up mate! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Awesome… I esspecially love the rain/snow effect. It makes very dynamic pic and connects the upper and lower part nicely. As u said, there could be more details and defined parts, but all in all its a superb image.


yeah the snow is definitely a nice nice dynamic touch in there. great pic so far… just put so more contrast with light & texture on the trees & rubble in the middle to get more depth and your all set :smiley:


I added more detail to the rocks, water and lighting. I took out the blur effects for now but I will add them at the end again.


Very impressive :thumbsup: No crit, I just simply like this a lot.


wow!!stunning work!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: love your concept and the way you manage black&white and colors together.this irs one of the best I’ve seen so far in this challenge.
good luck to you.cheers.:buttrock:


i dunno if this has been pointed out already but: what about some warm reflexions on the guy, bed etc. from the lava?

this is a great image! well done! :thumbsup:


Absolutely phenomenal work. First off, the way you handled the light coming from the fire as it reflects off the surface of the rocks and ship is top notch and I can only imagine the amount of time and effort put into that. The flakes of snow are equally superb.

Ive said this before: I think many of us struggled to find a good concept with this challenge. You would figure that with a theme like “spectacular” it would be fairly easy to come up with a good idea, but I have to say it honestly wasnt, at least not for me.

For some of us it is hard to stray away from things we are used to seeing or drawing. There’s a safety net knowing that we are able to draw or paint certain things well and I believe that these challenges really do help take some of us out of our comfort zones.

Although I’m not a fan of crashes or explosions, I really admire the way you put a spin on your image in the choice of a dream. You have such a dramatic camera angle in your shot that it makes you feel the same way the character in the illustration is feeling… like that ship is ready to crush you on impact. Its definitely a violent and horrific scene. One of my favorite images I have seen in the challenge so far.


Hey man, that’s one of my favs in whole challenge. Great idea extremely well executed. Love the color palette. Congratulations!


Stunning! :thumbsup:


Truly amazig work. Great mood, amazing detailing. A lot in the mood of “Cold Fear” game. Outstanding work.


Fine work, Marcel! It’s on the top 10 for sure!



:eek: Jaiks! :eek: that´s the most incredible picture i have ever seen!! (and i have seen a lot :wink:

Absolut stunning & awesome MASTERPIECE.
Dam, you are f#cking good man.

My absolut favorite from now on in this Challenge.

Great Luck…
Cheers :beer: Alex


Absolutely “WOW!” -classified picture! Great idea and execution! Looks deifinately spectacular and I think I’ve new favourite picture from 2d-section also. :slight_smile: