Spectacular 2D Entry: Marcel Baumann


This is fantastic. Two suggestions:

  1. I think you could improve depth if you gave the clouds some additional depth layers so the vertical depth really looks huge.

  2. Perhaps you could have some kind of volume light coming from the ship, as if it were finding its way through thick fog and got lost. You already have a sort of volume light on the edge of the ship, but if you could “channel” it into a cone it would give the ship a kind of heading, which would emphasize its crashing!



WOW… Wonderfull man, I got the story right away! Fantastic! :thumbsup:


WOW! Stunning work. Wonderful work on the textures. :thumbsup:


Great. Really cool concept.


Suuber abgrockt Meischter :wink: kicks ass, great job on the rendering. keep on rocking!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


wow, that is a fantastic nightmareI would just work more on the water.

But is amazing !


Yeah :buttrock:
Guess your last concept is a winner (IMO)! Fre@king amazing!
Can’t stop looking at it… Something 'bout this piece that makes
me come back and back and back…


What the hell is going on with all the Swiss and their kickass ideas/concepts? (well one obvious exception however - ahem, anyway).
I start wondering what you guys secretly drank in Lucerne without telling me :stuck_out_tongue:

That last idea rocks - plain and simple. I would definately try to paint that guy dreaming - if you can achieve the same amount of realism for the lower part it’s going to be a real lookout for the winners section.


I love you concept, is great!!! luck!!:buttrock:


Fantastic theme! Excellent colors.


Impressive works. No critics :surprised


Terribly, however)


wow, thanks for all the kind comments! Nice to read some stuff like this after a hard day:)
I will try to answer to your comments later on because there is not much time now.
For about one week ago I started my architecture study and actual I have nearly no freetime… (hehe yesterday I was 14.5 hours at the ETH :scream:). But until now I think that I decided right … its hard but very interesting and a lot of practical exercises. I think I will see after some time if I will keep that direction, its to early now to talk about it. Still I hope that I will find some time on the week ends to work on that cgchallenge entry and finish it on time.

Kyena / the1st_angel:
Kyena somehow you are right about Lucerne… you remember the 2nd hot ovomaltine lol:D… of course it wasn’t that but … The meeting with other cg artists was really a big inspiration … especially to see other ppl that have a lot of fun doing that. So how it looks I’m not alone:). Usually I don’t have artists around me, so after this meeting I was very motivated to sit down and paint hours and hours. And no second I thought that I waste my time sitting on the pc. My entry really won’t look like this if there wasn’t that meeting on that day:D Thanks alot for showing me another point of view somehow.

Now I will go directly into my bed … hopefully I don’t dream of an oiltanker that crashes into a dam :eek: :slight_smile:


wow…this is really scarry…scarry-good i wanted to say:) the detail is just breathtaling…and the way you made the passing between the two planes is just great…this is really really spectacular! good luck


that’s great to hear!! :smiley:

:applause: We should do that again anyway.

And golly - those smilies look like they are on speed if you use Mozilla 0_o


:thumbsup: Coming along really well Marcel since I last looked at your work in progress.

I definitely prefer the room layout and position of the figure on the bed.

Flames and orange hues really play against the sky and greys of room (if your actually leaving them that colour??).

Really dynamic and fits challenge perfectly…keep up the great work!! :thumbsup:


awesome progress,loving where ur heading now,a spectacular nightmare!:thumbsup:


it’s an other original idea.

it’s so good to see interesting and impressive wips like that.

i’m looking forward to see next steps…


that’s what i call spectacular. idea is great and that is the most important thing.
good luck


I think you nailed the spectacular part of this contest…Spectacularly frightening that is. Thats all of the worst fears in the world rolled into one. Buried alive, burning alive, drowning. How often can you be afraid of burning and drowning at the same time? Great work. Good use of color and perspective as well.