Spectacular 2D Entry: Marcel Baumann


Great concept! Hard to put in a picture, but your on your way…
I dont really have a opinion if painting over a photo is cheating when painting… Though i think it says somewhere in the guidelines/rules that all characters should be originally created so it could become a problem! Im not possitive, but you should check it out and maybe ask about it in the FAQ…

Good luck!


Now the fun part! Painting the crash and watereffects. I have now idea how it would looks when a tanker would crash into a dam … but it just has to look spectacular:) About the colors I think I would keep the room (reality) monochromatic and the dam (dream)would be in colors. Btw the “DAMN DAM” is just a placeholder for a name.
Still alot of details are needed to show the size of that oil tanker but I’m not sure if its clear that it is a dream …what do you think?


Thanks to all for the helpful comments! :slight_smile:

Thanks FrozZT, I will check that. … if its true I would have to paint the character completly new and take the photo as reference … lol :smiley: -> nearly same result but MUUUUCH longer. :shrug:


Well that’s impressive.
The choice of black and white for dream is good. And now it’s comprehensible.
Nothing to crit.
Just spectacular.


holy cow,the latest updates are superb!:thumbsup:


Hi! I think it’s a great decision to share dream and reality in this way. I really like the water effects. Success! :slight_smile:


WOW very dramatic scene!


Freaky dude, nice textures dude keep it up!:thumbsup:


Hey Marcel,

This just looks great, I believe I read somewhere that most ppl can’t read written text within their dreams and they also tend to dream in graytones. What I would add now, is a surreal element to it. So that ppl can “clearly” see that it is not a real scene, typical clichee elements for a tanker are gulls and seamen. Maybe you come up with some ideas how to incorporate them in a twisted way. :slight_smile:



Hellfire, that’s amazing. You have my vote so far.


I added a lot of details to it. I used diffrent custom brushes to paint the fire effects. I came to the fire idea during testing around with water effects and colored the water just for fun red … So I came to the idea that fire would work cool with the dead forest and the water coming from the top that will extinguish it. And you see that the character was in a dangerous place before the ship came … but now he is even in a more dangerous situation and he try to break out of the dream. The picture appears now more surreal I hope. Still the lighting will need adjustments. Other details will be added soon.


Thanks a lot: authentic, sh@ke , Atris, maurodelia, beelow, for the compliments and suggestions!

Grin3d: Thanks. Roman I think your right. Its not necessary to try to tell the story of a sailor that is sleeping inside a ship. It would be to hard to see that. Its better if the picture can tell more stories.

Solothores: Thanks. I think that can be that most ppl can’t read text in dreams … but as I know from my dreams colorful pictures are possible:). I will try to add more surreal elements to it … this is always so fun to do… as I see a tanker that crashes in a dam is for you not surreal enough:D

Baron Impossible: Ok hellfire added. :smiley: Thanks a lot!


Oh man!!Definitely it´s a spectacular stuff:D This image reminds me when I was a child I saw a huge ship in a shipyard. It scared me, it was huge…too much huge lol for a 8 years old guy:thumbsup: How if you draw a boy with his child room instead an adult?haha



This is spectacular! Fantastic concept, very well done :smiley: The character pose is really convincing, adds a lot of emotion to the image. I would add contrast to the main scene though, to make it the focus point, because the white wall on the left pulls my eye away from what’s the core of the concept. Can’t wait to see the next step. Great job :slight_smile:


Wow! what a nightmare! I really like the angle of view you give in the room. Good work so far!

Good luck! :thumbsup:


What a nightmare !
That’s fantastic, nothing to crit.



great idea and great execution, well done.


Exellent work!

One of my favorites, great imagination and skills :thumbsup:
good luck!


I never understand why there was a guy in bed under a dam, but finally after reading it is a nightmare. So this makes a lot more sense.

Great sense of weight and scale, but why not push them even further. Good luck! :thumbsup:


this is spectacular for sure…i’m speechless…extremely good work you have here, congratulations