Spectacular 2D Entry: Marcel Baumann


strong concept. is that spiky thing an exploding splitter granade? looking forward to seeing more! :slight_smile:


finally found your thread… hehe, just came to subscribe and wish you best of luck and loadsa fun mate. very cool concept, looking forward to your developpement of this. keep it up mate :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice idea to work from, hope to see something great! HOlla!:thumbsup:


After this fast sketch I really see that a composition like this is to bizar and not very spectacular. I need to find something diffrent but I still want to keep the dream idea.


This time I try to show what the character is dreaming by showing his fantasy on the ceiling. Its a mix of the storm and the dream concept. I thought that the character would fall down from the lightower into his bed. But … thats not spectacular.


I made a pause and thought of something spectacular … not connected to the dream concept. So this are the rough key sketches. They show how I found an idea that I like and that works with the dream idea.


I made a very rough 3d model of the scene I had in mind to find very fast a dramatic and belivable view. This rendering is the base for the painting.


I like your ideas… I’ll wait for new updates…:thumbsup:


The character - this time a sailor that sleeps inside a oil tanker or ship (not visible in this stage of the painting) - dreams of a oil tanker that reaches the end of the ocean and crashes into a huge dam. And the oil tanker will crash on the character in the next few seconds. So as you see this painting is a mix of all concept sketches I made before. Still a lot of details are needed to tell that story.
What do you think?


wow that’s very spectacular. The fact that it is a dream is not complettely comprehensible without the explanantion but it’s beautiful.


A real looming feel to it, nice concept


Nice use of 3D to mock up the perspective in your scene. Can’t wait to see it with the characters integrated in. Good luck!



Wow…this is astonishing. Great sense of scale. My only suggestion would be to add a bit of fog between the room’s ceiling and and the dam in the background to separate location in space. At the moment they appear to exist almost on the same plane. Very nice!


:applause: Really really spectacular.

I love the viewpoint and especially the lighting - very dramatic…

Looking forward to the next update…great work Marcel :thumbsup:


:eek: :applause:
great to see your basic idea and different sketches enhanced to a very spectacular concept. you should keep this concept. :bounce:
… but don’t try to tell us (the viewers) exactly the story as you wrote (the sailor).
I think, there is no need for clarity in this point.
The image is showing me more than one possible story.
And that’s good.

I’m looking forward to see your next steps.



I just love the new orientation of that cg. No doubt It will be awesome once finished.

I’m looking formard to see what kind of volors you’ll add to make the whole scene pop-up :slight_smile:

Great work so far.


i just love the perspective! :smiley:

the colors are also nice :slight_smile:

Hmm maybe you could still do something about the concept, the image itself doesnt show that its a dream very well. Work on that a lil bit :slight_smile:

good luck

cheers Kam


Wow, that’s pretty spectacular! Nice work.


I changed the composition a bit, flipped the room and made the dam higher. Then my brother took a photo of me and I placed it on the painting. Normaly I don’t do that, but to safe a lot of time I just overpainted the photo of me and added other texture and light with hand painted elements (visible on the next WIP picture). Some people would call that cheating, others would call that matte painting, … I call that: taking the fastes way to the best result and win time for other important parts:)
… and I would say its not cheating if someone say that he overpainted it… if someone overpaint it and tell that its handpainted without reference … thats cheating:D


I painted a lot of details and realistic shadows to the bed and the table to make them work beside the realism of the character. Then I painted another ship to let it appear like a huge oil tanker that is strong enough to break that wall. Then I sketched some rocks.