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cheers!! good luck and have fun!!:smiley:


:smiley: hello hello :wink:
good luck for challenge, I’m looking forward to see some spectacular stuff.



My first idea was to show the moment when you realise that you are just in a bad dream and you try to break out to get back into reality… in very simple words:)
I thought that moment could be quite spectacular but that fist sketch ended up quite crazy.


Thanks calisto & Grin3d:)

At this moment I have no idea how that strange picture came out of my mind and how it found the way in that thread:shrug: …:smiley: … Anyway I will try to think of a spectacular nature scene…


I don’t think you need to give up on your first idea so early. The image is really interesting. I think there are a few compositional tricks that could make the image stronger (something to make the expression on a childs more the central focus if you know what I mean?)… anyway, even if you give up it is an original idea. Just to keep that in mind…


done in photoshop


Thanks alot for your comment birdybear
Im searching now for some nature scenes and architectural elements, maybe I will come back to the fist idea later on and connect the ideas somehow. …maybe your right and I should give that first idea a 2nd try.


Nice concept sketch, love your use of color, good luck to you man, holla!:thumbsup:


very nice sketch and original idea :thumbsup:
You can think about other ideas but keep in mind your first idea as birdybear said because it has a great, spectacular potential. So what exactly the boy is dreaming ? Have you got ideas ? Should it be part of the concept to show and visualize the bad dream or is less concret (like the sketch) ? :rolleyes:



I agree with beelov. Great idea. Hope to see more soon :wink:

Good luck


I like the 1st concept cause it’s original. however, with the 2nd concept, I got a mysterious and intrigating feeling. a team of scientists using kind of walk-machines and currently exploring a new planet?
it is not very helpful, isn’t it? :slight_smile: anyway, nice sketch.

Spectacular 2D Entry


if you tend to work on your last idea, you should add some character or adtion

good luck to you!


the current sketch draws me to to ur avatar~:scream:very original 1st idea too~i’ll keep an eye on this:)


It’s very interesting and unusual! And I think it’s very a difficult idea to realize by sight! I’d be very interested to see a next step! Good luck!


I experimented with the composition, the colours and the pose to show the moment where the character try to break up in a more spectacular way.
The huge spike ball stands for a happening that you know you can’t get away from, but there is enough time for the character to realise that he will smashed by it.
For example I dreamed one day that I was sitting on the back seats of a car and I see that another car is coming towards our car on the same track. I can’t believe. There were about 2 seconds time to think that there are to possibilities. It’s a dream or I will die. But I believed that it was real so everything becomes white and I thought that I was dead.
Regarding the picture, in that stage where the character is now, he already realised that there is a possibility that he is dreaming and he don‘t want to believe that its real. He or she tries to get away from that place by breaking out of himself with all the force he has. I think we were all in such a situation and we could get out of the dream that way, before it was to late. Not sure, but it works for meJ
Regarding the composition: The spike ball is coming really fast inside the black part around him, that stands for the dream as a prison. In the eyes of the character it looks believable until the spike ball comes to close and break through it. The red lines show how he is breaking out of the black circle and his imagination. He is coming out of himself and falling down in his real body.


The new concept somehow does not work for me. At least not without reading the text.
I think an Image should work for itself and tell me what is happening by showing me the details. This is a bit to bizzar, both, the setting and what is happening.
I like the dream Idea better.


Thanks for all of your comments!

Randis: Thanks for your comment. Your right, an image should work for itself, but also the title is a part of a picture. Maybe something like: “Breaking through the walls of a nightmare” would help to understand this picture. I try to visualise a process in the brain of human in that very short moment. I don’t want to show a visual impression of the dream he has, I try to visualise the feelings. But if that is to hard to see out of this picture then its maybe not the idea for this challenge. You say that you like the dream idea better… but this is exactly the same idea, just a diffrent sketch. You mean that it could be a spectacular picture if I show what he is dreaming (visual impression of the dream)? That is possible:D …

more comments are welcome


Very impressive work ! :thumbsup:
I still like your concept and think it works fine. But you could try to replace the spikeball, maybe you find a better reference for a nightmare. Spikeball is also quit good.



Nice 2nd skecht …

Good luck !