Spectacular 2D Entry: Lukasz Sliwinski


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Latest Update: Line Art: 7th_day


Well :slight_smile: my first time with chellenge in CGSociety :)… i try painted some bible scene - 7th day of begin the word… but i dont know yet…

ups i forget oneself :slight_smile: i dont use tablet because i dont heve it, only mouse…


i change some colours and add details… :), now i must add more details, and another things because image is so empty :slight_smile: bye


dude, Lukas, this is a beautiful piece man! And done with a mouse??? I’m very impressed…I would just say, brighten up that sun a little. Good luck :thumbsup:


i add the gate between skies…


yes i make all with mouse , and this is a4tech … :), i don use tablet because is destroy now…

i make more brighness from the sun :slight_smile: greet :slight_smile:


thAT s grEAT idea and grEAT wrok with mousE :thumbsup: i wait for final work


more datails and final colours… i add some details and maybe another things, i dont know yet what…, and will be done :slight_smile: bye :slight_smile:


It’s looking nice, although I would tone down the rays coming from the sun.


i add some threes on backround and bird on sky… bye :slight_smile:


Hi Slizgi :slight_smile: Nice image. Those clouds (?) need a little bit work I guess. Keep goin

Ps. widze ze tez wszystko na ostatnia minute man hehe


Nice Job Man


i know, details details details, i dont feel my hand now, digital painting with mouse is like painfull masochist sex :wink:

ps. meen nic mi nie mow, ja zawsze taki last minute :slight_smile:


Ty jestes last minute? Ja mam polowe obrazka do skonczenia jeszcze :stuck_out_tongue: Dziesiec do jednego ze dopiero jutro 5min przed pierwsza go zuploaduje :]


hehe good luck omen :slight_smile:


i finish, i dont have no more concepts :)… in picture is God at 7th day of make world… greet all :slight_smile: bye


i add some lineart, some fun line art, because i forgot:), and i never make lineart… greeet :slight_smile:


ufff I make it… that was a near go and will be biiig LOL, i have final imege but i dont have lineart :slight_smile: LOL, i never make line art, i always begin for skech or colour wip :)… who thinking about line art :slight_smile: greet all :slight_smile: LOL :slight_smile:


Hi Lukasz!
Congrats on finishing work in time:thumbsup:
He,he, mialem ten sam problem z line artem.
Pozdrawiam i trzymam kciuki:)


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