Spectacular 2D Entry: kanokporn mahaek


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Hello every body. I’m a new face on this board. I hope my little work will be my good experience. My first sketch was begin in Illustrator because I good in it, This concept is “Paradise” that come from “The belief in Buddhism religian that said about Khaoprasumain- The living of angle, fairy and himmapan creature” I think this is cool concept :slight_smile:


Good luck na krub.


I choose “Naga” one type of Himmapan creature for my work. It 's the great of Himmapan creature under the water. Naga is so power and very poison.


Really nice color and design. Good luck na krub. :thumbsup:


Very-very original! So clean colours… Waiting for more… Good luck


Garuda catches Naga

Garuda, a large strong bird which a vehicle of Pra-Vishnu

Naga, The mighty snake king (is a food of Garuda too)


Wow, thank a lot,…createmai, keko & Hof good luck to all too!! :thumbsup:


Looking damn good so far!
What if you tilted the composition some? I think it would me more dynamic that way
Looking forward to see what comes out of this


Please wait, it’s not final sketch. I have more than one.


sawasdee krub.
beautiful sketch.:thumbsup:
good luck and have fun na krub.


Garuda catches naga, new composition


Detail of Garuda


interesting sketches… keep it up, I can’t wait to see more!!:thumbsup:


That guy has a spectacular beak-nose. He’s got some massive serpent-beast on his tail? - He needs to look a bit harder. innit.


Nice detailing! I like the concept and your sketches. I am looking forward to seeing more.


Detail of Naga’ head


Continuous texture of Naga’s head
Thanks for All, Xric7, Ducklator, Avatarist, Lync have fun and good luck for all too


Show Naga’s teeth


Detail of Naga’s scale