Spectacular 2D Entry: Jose Pardo


A few final tweaks and it is done, as done as time will allow right now… ; )

Mathieu- Thanks!
Bryce- Thanks for all the support and advice through it all!
Robert- I dont know much about paganism, I guess I am one of those people that make the association. Sorry, I had to take the cards out. I dont have the time to do them right, and they were too big a distraction for me. As to his eyes, I leave that to the individual viewer.

Thanks to all who have visited and posted! Good Luck to all!
See ya in the next challenge!


It was difficult for me to wrap my mind around the theme of this challenge. After all, we have seen so many Spectacular things both terrible and wonderful, in real life and in the entertainment industry.

I tried to think of the most spectacular thing I ever saw. A lot of things went through my mind, from the births of my children, to September 11th, to some of my favorite epic movies. But I wanted to do something different. For some reason, in the midst of a sleepless night “The Cat in the Hat” book scene where he is bouncing on the ball, balancing all the objects, came to my mind. (I really dont know why I have not read Dr Seuss to my children in years) But I had to take it to a Fantasy/SciFi environment for my own enjoyment. I must have been in a fairly dark mood because the title Satan’s Jester came to mind immediately.

I figured he has seen so much… what would it take to impress him. Since I certainly dont know, I drew the most insane act of human acrobatics that I could muster, then drew Satan almost completely unimpressed.

So is it Spectacular? I dont really know. I do hope that the judges will be a little more impressed than the audience in my image.

Many thanks again to all who visited and posted!


Hi! When I look at your image I have some visual metamorphosises. It seems to me I see some characters. But when I look closely I see that there aren’t they there. It’s great! :slight_smile: Congratulations on completion of your work! I wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


…on finishing your image. It indeed looks Spectacular to me. As you very well said, either good and bright or dark and sinister, there are plenty or spectacular approaches to this challenge. I must say that yours is one of them!

Best of luck! :beer:


Beautiful work, very good colors… I like such shades of colors. Good luck:thumbsup:


I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love this on man !!

The surrealism in this on is awesome.

Like [color=white]Atris already said, there is some really weird stuff going on in there;[/color]

I love the relaxed sitting devil dude, the posing chicks with chains swinging around, the expressions on their faces, AWESOME!!

The faces in the smoke in the background, the Pillar with the heads and the Clown dude. The nice pentagram on the chair.

The only thing I would comment on is the fire. I think it’s a bit too linear, if you ask me there should be some more size variety in the flames. But then again that’s just me.

Other than that I think the piece is MIGHTY !! you’ve got my vote man.


Nice to see that you have finished, good luck jose, on a spectacular image!:applause: :applause:


“So is it Spectacular? I dont really know. I do hope that the judges will be a little more impressed than the audience in my image.”
Probably yes!


Sergey-Thanks! That means a lot to me! Now, go finish yours up, I cant wait to see the final!

Carlos-Thanks! :beer: Anytime you are in Orlando, FL!

Nikolay-Thanks Man!

Michael- Thanks! I see what you mean about the flames but I already submitted the final tiff and I have other projects that need my time!

Bryce-Thanks again, Yours has a ton of potential (no pun intended) Hurry up and finish! :buttrock:

Oskar-Thanks, I hope so!

Good Luck to all!


The last time I was in Orlando was probably 5 yrs ago, hm, lets see. This December I’m heading to Puerto Rico for a month, I can’t wait. Next year I have a Mediterranean Cruise planned, but I will let you know if Orlando my be one of my stops for next year.

Same to you if you stop by “la gran manzana” :beer:


wow… spectacular final image…:thumbsup:

can you post some close ups? in special the girls?:twisted:

Good luck with the judge…:deal:


congratulations on uf finished piece man! I must say that I love ur pic and I consider it as one of my fovarites here in this challenge. best of luck to u in the voting process!


Carlos-It’s a deal then!

Adrian-Thank You! I tried to attach some closeups to this post and it did not take, but page 4 of the thread has some, they are missing some detail I added later, but they give the general flavor.

Blaz- Thank You Sir! I really appreciate that! Good Luck to you also, you have an excellent concept and painting going on!

I wish everyone a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


this is good ,you should try bringing up your midtones with bright oranges it will really help the
the lighthing


Hi Jose, :slight_smile:
hey man like where you’ve took this, very powerfull image dynamic composition :thumbsup:
one thing that maybe you cuold check are the flames in the right bottom corner, the seem to similar I mean it’s almost like the patern, and I think they should be random, and the shapes hardly repeat themselfs, it’s minor detail but i think could have great impact on overall mood :slight_smile:
seeya, cheers :beer:


This looks amazing. The overall dynamism and mix of colours is really effective. My only crit would be to make the flames a bit more fierce. Good luck!


Good luck Jose!:thumbsup:


great!came by to congratulate u upon completing the challenge.a fantastic progress from the begining and the result of the final piece is simply awesome:thumbsup:wish the the best of luck and god speed to u in the finals:)


your art still my favorite…something’s tell me that you have a good chance here!

I wish you my best good luck! you deserv to be select.

Congratulation again! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


your art still my favorite…something’s tell me that you have a good chance here!

I wish you my best good luck! you deserv to be select.

Congratulation again! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: