Spectacular 2D Entry: Jose Pardo


Man, the further you go in your process, the more you amaze me with your talent! I have no crits to give on your work. I can’t wait to see your scene finish!

good work! :applause:


this piece of urs are seriously rocking.!:applause:


thats some crazy crazy jazz… very colourful. very well painted.


Hey Jose, what a great work, excellent ambient and colour palette and the idea is supercool

Good luck mate


Paounka, Aline, Michael, Wil, and Victor, Thanks so much! I really appreciate the encouragement. Not sure if I can wrap this up this weekend, but I am very close now.


very crazy…just dropin by to check out this again…




whats up man,
great coloring, :buttrock:
keep it up
cheers :applause: :cool:


Amazing!!! :bounce:


Great idea and style, I like colors very much too, Keep on rocking Jose :buttrock:


Many thanks to: Calvin, Jarek, Sergio, and Tibor for the recent visits.

Not a lot of time to work on this but the suggestion of Tarot cards really intrigued me, so here is a test. I did not spend much time designing or rendering them and I will have to go back and do that if enough of you say that they add enough to the piece to warrant the work. Right now I can take’m or leave’m. I like the “hidden” message in their meaning, but I am not sure they add anything substantial to the image, I dont want to distract from the Jester’s “Spectacular” show.

I shut up now…


Well, my friend…yes, this is spectacular. This is really spectacular. Great piece. Congrats.


I think that you are awesome.
You always show solid work.
Congrats on the consistent output!

Some Suggestions:

Maybe the confetti and some of the other flammable things could start to ignite as they descend further into hell.


I don’t know how to phrase this… I never really thought about it, but…

Does fire cast a shadow? If so, maybe you can darken the areas between the earthy columns that Satan’s throne is on and the wall of fire in front of it. It seems to be hovering. Maybe this suggestion would ground it (Also the dancers columns) .

Just my 2 cents.

Any tutorials or “Making of” stuff from you floating around?


Marco- Thanks! I stopped by your 3d entry and laughed my butt off, Great Job!

Joseph- Thanks, much appreciated! I dont think fire can cast a shadow, but I will look at that area again.

I think I will remove the Tarot cards, they are too distracting IMO. I like your idea of having the confetti catch fire, I will work on that!

I dont have any tutorials, there are folks out there way more talented, that have put out some outstanding tutorials. Check out: Nibbledpencil.com, furiae.com, and Stahlberg’s site (cant remember the name), just to name a few.

Thanks to all who have dropped by!


Wow! I just noticed this. What a cool piece! For what its worth I like the tarot cards


Goodness Jose! Why have you put a question mark at the end of your link to this thread? Spectacular? Too right. I’ve been away from the challenge for so long I’ve missed all this. Looking graet! Do you flip your artwork? Vertically as well as horizontally to see how it looks from all angles and to work on awkward bits? Just curious, because of the upsidedownyness of much of this.


wow… this is turning out great! :thumbsup:


zpapageo-Thanks, I like the idea behind them, but I’m afraid they will go with the next update. He probably should have been doing something with them, not have them falling with the confetti, but it’s too late for that.

Aly- Thanks so much! I dont normally flip my sketches, but for the main figure on this one, I started him upside down, flipped the drawing over somewhere in the middle and finished it upside down.

I put the question mark behind it because we have seen so much in both reality and the movies I found the topic really difficult. Ultimately, I went back to a show type of spectacle, with due credit to “The Cat in the Hat” book.

Daniel- Thanks, I appreciate it!


bravo jose! this image is comin’ really spectacular


Your almost finished good luck Jose, no crits!:smiley:


I love this pic!!! I have to wonder though, Why do you have a penticle over the devil? It makes him look almost like the King of Penticles card. To me, it can be misinterpreted. Peops who don’t know about paganism usually associate it as Devil worship.

I like the cards that you put into place in this pic. The lighting is superb, and the colors are amazing. I just now noticed the blood tears on the Fools brow, or were his eyes taken out?

This is definately spectacular!!!