Spectacular 2D Entry: Jose Pardo


Wow, among all the challenge works I’ve seen so far yours has the most creative idea. Brilliant indeed, and very well drawn too. But I also feel that there’s too much going on in the scene right now, as clarity of the composition in the concept sketch is now lost in the riot of colours and activities. Those flying skulls and an overflow of confetti really distracted my attention from the main character, and so did the naked dancers (but to a smaller extent because they’re in the background and smaller).


Giles- Thanks for the compliment and your input! The colors are not set in stone, neither is the confetti. I will still revisit a lot of areas of the image before I call it done.


Wow! (subscribes)

:arteest: :bowdown:


Hey Jose, its looking great :wink:

Imagine if hell was really like this :smiley:


Sergio-Thanks! I will try and make it worth your while!

David-Fancy meeting you here! ; ) Thanks for the support! I appreciate it. I think they have a spot reserved for me already, I’ll let you know if its like this at all! ; )


I have been out of the loop for a while. Tonight I log in and whoa — nice! Your piece is looking real sharp, keep it up bud! :bounce:


Thanks for the visit Carlos!

I adjusted the colors and opacities, trying to strengthen my focal point and have the color/lighting look more natural.


your piece is progressing very well, could become poster for some new cirque du soleil show:)
i dont mind the confeti, what about some tarot cards.
are the tree skulls on the top suposed to be part of some action with your main caracter feets.
nice work overall, keep up refining it:)


Good idea. :thumbsup: This stage really excites. But at the clown small problems with anatomy in area of a hip, a buttock and a waist. We as though look at them from the different points of view. And color is a little rather dirty (as a whole).
Good luck !


wowzers, tough job huh?



nice going mate~i see ur almost done with ur piece here,sergey was right about the colors,it seems alil muddy overall,it’ll looks better alil more vibrant overal i think:)keep it going mate


Stephan, Thanks, I like the Tarot card idea, I will try to make the time to add them in! He is juggling the skulls with his feet.

Sergey, Thanks, I didnt use any reference for the jester so it is quite possible. As for the colors, I have pretty much given up on having it look good on CGTalk, it looks great on my monitor at home, at work the colors look dull and dirty.

Panu, Thanks! It must be a pretty tough job, you dont want to disapoint the boss! It has a pretty high turnover too… ; )


Hi Michael, Thanks for the visit, see my previous post about color, I am baffled.

Getting close now, need to look closer at some areas, and design some Tarot cards! ; ) I’ll be back soon.


Here i am again.
Very , very good !! Love the light in the girls behind.

If was me i would put i little more light coming from the flaming bambole


Nice work. A difficult idea well realised. Not massively cerebral but instantly makes you think ‘spectacular’, so also a very good concept. I’ll check back for sure.


I like the colors, see a very good… luck…:thumbsup:


Ahhh… getting better and better… :drool:

The knife is clearer now but still needs some tweaks (but you knew that right?)



Thanks- Mauro, Kiernan, Alejandro, and Sergio! Almost done, Need to find some Tarot cards so I can pick specific cards for the image, make some tweeks and it should be done soon. Thanks to all for the support, encouragement, and ideas!


Added some small tears to his outfit and some highlights on the metal, and an earring. I think it is pretty much done, except for the Tarot cards, which I hope to have done by the weekend. Oh, and I will probably blur some of the confetti.

Thanks to all for the visits and input!!


I like your combination of colors. Everything look so contrasting and create really dynamical senсe. Atmosphere is nice, ouch it is hot like in hell :).