Spectacular 2D Entry: Jose Pardo


the woman on the left has a funky looking right breast. Flames with the souls are subtle not really noticable, great stuff so far!:thumbsup:


Thanks Bryce,

I was trying to make it look squished by her arm but now that you mention it I can see I didnt get it right. I guess I have to look for reference! ; )


nice anathomy there. Great work, this is turning to be a great ilustration !


Man i still enjoy every thing on your work. I can’t wait to see the final version. You are very talented!

Good luck again! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks Mauro and Aline I appreciate the encouragement! I wont be able to work on this until Wilma passes, we shouldnt get the brunt of it, but that’s what they said about Charlie! ; )


Wow, looking good already. Great dynamic pose(s) and vibrant colors. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Nice one! I find both the angle and the idea interesting, Although the bg in my opinion needs more work. You mentioned the lost souls on the background and I hadn’t noticed them earlier so i think they’re bit too subtle. Try to make few most important ‘souls’ more visible, not all of them necessarily.

Keep it up and good work!



hey jose, cool coloring… the girls looks great, but I would like to see a devil more ‘diabolic’:twisted:

I’ll wait to see new updates:thumbsup:


hey there,
it’s getting better, hard to say about those souls without seeing the whole image, but I think that’s great idea, you need to fix the breast on the one on the left they almost look reversed, and I think the chains could use more reflections, this could help with the depth,
would like to see some more :applause: :applause: :slight_smile:


nice work. I would work a little more detail in the chains at the top but its looking great man


Here is a peek at the whole image. Nearly done with the bkgd.


Your work is lookin’ better and better! I like it a lot so far! You have a good sence of perspective. It’s not easy to draw a body with this position. you did a good job on that. I feel the depth of your scene very well. :slight_smile:

So keep up!:thumbsup:


Hi! It’s looking great! I really like your colors! Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Koekebakker- Thanks, I appreciate it!

Anthriel- Thanks for the input, I will probably revisit that again.

Ducklator- Thanks, someone else had suggested something similar, but I think that should be a separate image, this one is more about the Jester’s performance, not how creepy the Devil is.

Korline- Thank you!

Wildcory1- Thanks! I probably will go back in and tweak em before the end but they are pretty darn small in the whole image.

Cyberarts- Thanks for the support!

Artis- Thank You Sir!


Really nice work Jose


Hi, Jose; you launched out in installations really spectacular!!!
they is cool,
E.T :cool:


This is coming together jose, great stuff so far!:thumbsup:


Thanks to Aritz, Eric, and Bryce for the encouragement!

Starting to work in some detail, probably should have done a close up, maybe next time. Still have a lot of detail to do, and then adjusting the colors for the environtment. As usual I am struggling to find the balance of painterly style and tight rendering.



Your Making It Seem That Balancing Atop A Pole Of Dead Heads With One Finger, While Juggling Skulls With Your Legs Is…possible…nice Job On The Shift Of Weight.

Keep It Up


Thanks Calvin! Dont forget the flaming hula-hoop, and balancing of the sharp dagger, that’s what makes it Spectacular! ; )