Spectacular 2D Entry: Jose Pardo


Niiice. I love the angle of this, it makes me want to hold my breath every time I look at it! The dancing girls in the background are great. Are you planning to add anything else into the background, or define it a tad more? Just curious, for some reason my eyes keep looking for glimpses of something beyond it. Theres such a great mood to this, I’m loving it :slight_smile: Look forward to more updates!


Very good ! Nice colors…but i think that it needs more red in the main character


This piece is coming along pretty nicely! :thumbsup: Redish colors I like!
Keep it up!


Still not done, but here is how the audience is coming along. It is going to be so small in the final I’m not sure if I should bother with too much more detail.


Elsie- Thanks, I think I might try some spectral faces in the fire, I liked the idea of stairs (the1st angel) but there should not be a way to climb back out of hell. ; )

Maurodelia- More reds are coming, still working my way around the image.

Michael Motions- Thanks!


very good, I think I just love those faces together, I think this conects the jester, and makes the point of intrest, I would defenetly work to pull this off as a whole thing,
detail is awsome, like that paper cut look, like the idea of the stairs, but I think was done before, like the floating stairways, so I would stick to this and maybe work the light, like everything is coming out of darkness, and you have glow of red somewhere in lower right,
to create the endless depth, just thinking out loud, it’s very cool, keep working :thumbsup: :twisted:


Thanks for the encouragement Korline, still have a long way to go and plenty of time to get there!


wow! great pic and style! :eek:

I always thought that satan’s pentagram was drawn with a corner ponting down… but now I’ve searched it in the net before posting here, and I found it both ways… (but I still think it looks better pointing down :smiley: hehe)


The hell is not so bad,haha.

Ralf Stumpf


Really interesting image, good luck.


elmasfeo- Thanks, I didnt do any research on the pentagram, it probably has a purpose or meaning depending on its orientation. I wont have a chance to play with this image till the weekend, I’ll see how it looks both ways.

wildwire- Not so bad till you piss the boss off! ; ) Besides, it cant be all gloom and doom, even he must have his good days? LOL

ilusiondigital- Thanks, I appreciate it. (Viva Espana!)


Viva!!:smiley: hehe good luck with your idea, interesting job. I´ll watch to your progress:)



It’s looking good, Jose. IO see you’re already getting down into the smaller details. The devil and his “entourage” look good. Is there a light source from above? Shopuld they be more underlit? I’m not sure. My main suggestion would be on the jester himself: Perhaps another color aside from red on his sleeves would make him pop out from the background a bit more?
Anyhow, good luck with it, can’t wait to see more.



looking great so far~didnt see it coming and it amazed me.very interesting concept too~i like the colors here~having some amusement in the hell~cool stuff,~keep it coming jose!:scream:


I hoped I would get some time this weekend and of course it did not work out that way. Still tightening up the bkgd figures and the lost souls. This will probably be it for this area for a while. Next I will work on the dancing girls. I’m chomping at the bit to work on the main figure but I have to hold back. Thanks to all who visited, I’ll check on your progress tomorrow.


Nice stuff so far jose, nothing that I am noticing yet, great stuff so far!:thumbsup:


Hell rocks.


The very interesting idea! And I have one thought! It seems it would be creat if you try to add the piles of human bodies (like in the foreground) under the ground on which the devil are sitting. Excuse me for my English. I hope you understand me. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Gonzalo-Gracias Amigo!

Mike- Thanks Man, I always over challenge myself on the lighting. They probably could use some more emphasis on underlighting.

See- Thanks! that means a lot coming from you!

Bryce- Thanks, This one is taking an eternity (no pun intended)

Ben- Thanks, might as well if you are going to spend some time! ; )

Atris- That is a great idea, so good, I think it should be its own image. For that one I think I would do a more terrible looking satan though…


Working on the other side, the chains are a pain in the butt. You can see some of the lost souls I painted into the flames/smoke in the bkgd. Are they too obvious or subtle? It is starting to look better to me. Thanks to All.