Spectacular 2D Entry: Jose Pardo


what’s new at the circus, :smiley:
maybe it’s a bit unbalanced, maybe you can work light a little more, I think strong contrast would help quite a bit, and make this even more creepy
cheers :twisted:


Cool, Jose!

finaly decided to join. :thumbsup:
Fresh and interesting approach on the topic. The character drawing and the posing look very convincing.

I´m looking forward to watch the progress .



Thanks for the kind words Djampa!

Korline-True enough, actually I went back and tightened up my pencil work on the background characters and I feel better about the whole piece. I think instead of doing the grey underpainting I am going to work on a deep red canvas.

Thanks Fahrija, I was away on business when the challenge started, it is always a learning experience!

Thanks for looking!


great concept… keep it up!:thumbsup:


Finally starting to play with color.


Nice going. Great evolution fom skecht.

Good luck !


I start to get the feel of it. Keep up your good work!:thumbsup:


Thanks for the visits gentlemen. I should have some time these next couple of nights to plow ahead.


Great going Jose! and preety quick too!!.. very nice sketches here,…uhmmm:twisted: …Satanic circus…lol…:eek: waiting to see it complete! Best of luck pal…:thumbsup:


Small update since I wont be able to touch this tomorrow. Added detail to the bkgd, still needs more. Thanks for looking!


A little more detail and definition in the bkgd figures, I always work bkgd to foreground. I dont like to drag out an image so much but its pointless to rush. I’m rambling… Nuff Said.


Jumped over to the main figure for a bit to keep myself amused.


You put my Fool Card to shame!!! Awesome idea and your style is fab!!!

Can’t wait to see the finished pic.


Hi Jose Pardo. Looks so far COOL and the Idea i like it. Just one thing.
I know that you are going to work more on your project, but the colors doesn’t work at all.

Give to your paint more cotrast. I thinks going to work much better. :shrug:

xbo :scream:


remcv8- Thanks Sir!

2xbo- Thanks, yeah, I have a long way to go with the colors. I shade and alter as I go. Even the parts that look somewhat done are still in-progress and may change in hues and tones.

Thanks for looking!


You have a very strong piece and comp keep at it, one the strongest in the competition, good luck!


: ) Thanks for the vote of confidence! I hope the judges think so…


It is getting better every time that I see your progress. Keep up your good work!:thumbsup:


Hey Jose, just came to subscribe and wish you fun and best of luck. hehe crazy piece you doing here, wicked angle and very cool details. as for the composition, since the trone of the lord of hellfire is placed nicely on a piece of rox, an idea posps in my head, how about som crazy strairwys connecting pillars of rox to have an all over frame for the scene? that could add a nice aditional feel for the dephg. :slight_smile:
keep up your great work, looking forward to your progress :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Thanks cyberarts! : )

the1st_angel- Thanks I appreciate it. Hmm, that is a good suggestion, I will have to play with that a bit.