Spectacular 2D Entry: Jose Pardo


Thanks to all for visiting. I really dont have the time to mess with this right now. Too many projects too little time, but that is not a complaint!

Lynch- It already looks pretty orangy on my display at home, plus no time to experiment.

Korline- Thanks, again, no time to experiment.

Baron- Thanks for the compliment. Still kind of bumbed that you wont submit your image. But I really respect you for sticking to your gut (and your skills).

Gonzalo- Gracias!

sh@ke-Thank You! I love how magical your entry is looking, really spectacular lighting!

cyberarts- Thanks! I really appreciate it!

Thanks to all for your thoughtful input, I wish I had more time to implement them.

Good Luck to all!


Hey, congrats, Jose! Glad you made it. And it looks great. I think the judges will no doubt be impressed. :slight_smile:



Nice idea and great concept of clown. Very realistic look. Good work.


Congratulations to your final image, looks fantastic. Good luck! :thumbsup:


Well done Jose - Excellent image, detail - spectacular!


hey man, it’s a great image, I love this concept :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
cheers :twisted:


Lovely work…
made yourself a masterpiece. The overall look and colors are great!
Best of luck to you… :applause:


Hi Jose, congratulations for your image final, really cool,
good luck.
E.T :cool:


congrats, jose! this really looks “spectacular” :thumbsup:

the moment i saw the devil on the right side of the picture i had to smile - the way he seems to be rather bored than amused is sooo funny! :slight_smile:

good luck with the judges and i hope to see you next time! :bounce:


:applause: Sorry, jose been a while since I have been here. Congrats on this image again, just got mines in earlier thanx to robert, he is the man! Best of luck to you in the judging, holla!:wavey:


as I said… excellent work mate:thumbsup: good luck on the judging:bounce:


Walrus, Weedlog, Rawwad, Avatarist, Korline, Michael Motion, Tranchefeux, Dunkengold, Beelow, Ducklator, My heartfelt appreciation for all your support and encouragemnet. I wish you all success and a little luck in the judging. I hope to see you all in the next one!


Hey Jose, congratulations on finishing a fantastic piece! Good luck to you!


you can bet on that! see you next contest dude!:thumbsup:


hey Jose,
see you around :bounce: :bounce:
good luck with your fine piece of art :buttrock:
cheers man :twisted:


congrats jose on getting the image finished, and impressive work at that :slight_smile:


Hi,Jose ,thank u to drop my thread and gave me a good link ,hehe ,u r so nice ,keep the good works up~!thank u~by the way ,I like ur cool desing ,so amazing ,hehe ~


That illustration is simply a marvelous piece of art, congratulations man.


Thanks Victor, and the rest of the guys, for your support! Always appreciated!


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